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Pest Control

Eradicate pests the right way. A1 Pest Control has a team of fully trained and qualified pest control technicians who could help you in handling pest control and management. Let the experts do the complex work and you enjoy your pest-free home.

Termite Inspection

Before making that final decision to buy a new house, an inspection is a must. Get the help of the termite experts at A1 Pest Control to provide you with a precise and comprehensive termite report before committing to a purchase.

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Termite Treatment

A variety of methods and products can be applied to termite treatment. A1 Pest Control has a team of experts who have specialized in termite detection and control. We carefully examine the underlying conditions in your home and identify the most suitable pest control solution to totally get rid of these unwanted pests.

End of Lease

Vacating a rental property in Canberra requires an End of Lease service to guarantee that the property has no presence of fleas where pets have stayed. Make your moving out worry-free by contracting our experts to perform the End of Lease service for you, while you simply wait for your bond payment to be on your hands.

Give us a call at 0407 065 413 and let’s see how we can help you.

MOST ASKED FAQ’s for Pest Control Treatment

With regards to your family’s well-being and security, there are no silly questions.

It’s our business as professional pest control managers to answer all your questions and help educate you on your pest problems to ensure that you get the best results from any pest treatments you have.

Below are a few FAQ’s that other customers have written in to us about and may be helpful to you also.

Should you not find an answer to your questions please do not hesitate to contact Us on 0407 065 413 he or one of our staff would only be too happy to answer your questions.

Is pest control okay for young children and pregnant ladies?

The straightforward answer is yes. We only use low to non toxic pest treatments that are both family and pet friendly many of our treatments use pyrtheium which is derived from daisies.  

Is pest control okay for those with asthma or allergies?

We suggest that you remain out of the house for 40-60 minutes during the spray treatment and until the product dries. There are nonetheless, a wide range of products we use to control pests, if you have a concern prior to our visit please contact us we will inform you what products we use on the day and provide further information through the MSDS fact sheets on all the chemicals and first aid treatment should it be required.

Is pest control alright for my pets?

Most certainly our products are both family and pet friendly. Please mention you have a pet at the time of booking and we will inform you of what is required. For instance outdoor ponds should be covered with a tarp and cat and dog dishes should be upturned while the treatment is being done.

Is pest control okay for the earth?

We use low to non toxic treatments that are both family, pet and environmentally friendly.

Where do you treat for pests?

This will rely on upon which pest is being dealt with. We concentrate our medications on the spots that pests live and breed, even where you can’t see them. Depending upon the sort of pest, these spots can include areas inside the home, for example, skirtings, cornices, window and door jambs, rooftop voids and sub floors. Outside treatment covers area like building edges, window outlines, roof, canals, down pipes, garages, sheds, pergolas, outdoor furniture, garden, garbage bins and fence line etc.

What is International Pest Control Association (IPCA)?

International Pest Control Association is an international body for pest control manager members. A1 Pest Control Canberra is proud to be an IPCA member which keeps us updated for any new advancement in pest control practises along with the latest new technology in pest control.

How frequently would it be advisable for me to have pest control done?

We suggest that you initially have 2 treatments per year for the first 12 months then annual treatment. This will ensure that you are on top of pest problems providing you follow the education and tips we give you on the day.

Be aware though after a treatment you will see the odd pest for up to a week after treatment and this is normal. Should you be concerned after a week please contact us, lately due the extra hot weather we are having in Canberra it is providing the ideal breeding ground for problem pests.  Be aware though should on the off chance that you see a pest infestation at your home, get in touch with us ASAP before it turns into a problem.

Is there anything I can do myself to help keep pests away?

Depending upon the sort of pest, there are numerous things you can do yourself to limit quick harm and deter them in the future. These can be basic things like putting food away, vacuuming and removing clutter. For tips that are pest-particular, read more about your pests here.

To what extent is the guarantee for a pest control treatment?

At A1 Pest Control Canberra, we ensure a job well done. The majority of our treatments are customized to our clients’ specific pest control needs, in this way our warranties differ depending on the pest type and area of the infestation. For more information or in the event that you have a particular question, don’t hesitate to call us or send an inquiry using our online form.