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There are many pest control services that will say that they will do termite barriers and will give cheaper prices in order to get your business BUT in doing so many will cut corners and use inferior products that will not last as long or be as effective.

A1 Pest Control Canberra uses quality environmentally pet friendly treatments and are one of a few pest control companies that can give Termidor Chemical Barriers BASF product 8 year warranty and $2 million assurance warranty!

This should give you peace of mind knowing that on completion of our termite barrier we will register your assurance warranty on your behalf.

We do both commercial, residential and pre-construction
RING Bob 0407 065 413.


Yes I said pest owners because you are caring for and feeding pests without knowing it!

People are under the impression that pests are seasonal which some pests are of course as they use the colder months to breed and will immerge with their young in spring and summer.

BUT the pests that I am talking about is termites who can happily munch away throughout the different seasons undisturbed and doing a lot of damage before they are discovered. It’s usually when you see physical signs that just do not look right like the bubbling of paintwork or touching solid surfaces that are now spongy OR you could see sawdust on the floorboards that first alert you that you now have a termite problem.

The trouble is that people as a general rule are reactive rather than proactive with their pest control meaning that they wait for a problem then treat it. This sort of reactive treatment is more expensive because if you are waiting to see signs it means that there is already costly damage to woodwork done and its not until you have a termite inspection that you can then add up the cost of the repair.

Include annual termite inspection as part of your general maintenance to keep you pest free.
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Imagine this. you have or are buying a property and you see it has had a visual termite inspection but what jumps out at you on the report is one or more of the following.

• Not able to gain access to the subfloor
• Wet weather could not access the roof etc.

Termites gain access when dirt meets wood if they can not gain access through the dirt they build mud tracks that can reach up to 7 feet tall to gain entry to your home.

Do you take a gamble and hope like hell there are no termites in the areas that were not able to gain entry?

Let me tell you something, you may gamble that there were no termites in that area but recently we have been called in where people DO find termites 6 months after moving in to their property OR a potential buyer orders a thermal image inspection and finds termites which delays the sale as the buyer negotiates to factor this treatment into lowering the price or at worse walks away from buying the property altogether.

Thermal imaging can pick up termite body heat and movement through walls, floors and under the house it will even pick up house faults like leaking pipes behind walls this saves you thousands of dollars.

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Possum Catcher Pest Control Canberra Call 0407 065 413

There has been a larger than ordinary possum calls outs this winter. Many reasons for this as Canberra expands to make way for buildings and housing destroying possum habitat and food source they are heading into suburbia and that is when it becomes a problem.

Who would blame possums for wanting to keep warm in Canberra winters!

Our team is one of the few pest control companies that are fully licensed by TAMs to trap and release possums. As a bonus, we will also repair minor entry points of the possum when it is a small job with easy access.

We will not set traps over the weekend as we do not work on Sunday to release them which would be cruel.

As you can see in the video possums are protective and also territorial and they normally travel in pairs and will regularly, fight with their partners or fight over food but believe me they are a big pest especially while you are sleeping.

RING OUR TEAM TODAY 0407 065 413 or go to our website A1 Pest Control Canberra

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Reduce the risk of a termite infestation in your home:

• Repair any water leaks and moisture issues. Water-damaged walls, leaks in roofs, bathrooms and sink areas create favorable conditions for termites to flourish.

• Clean gutters and repair downspouts. Keep gutters clear and free-flowing to avoid clogs which may eventually lead to water damage.

• Drain water away from exterior walls and foundation. Ensure all drain lines, such as air conditioner drainage lines, release water at least 30.48 cm or 12 inches away from the foundation.

• Trim back shrubs and landscape plants from exterior walls. Shrubs and plants can trap moisture, which is critical for termite survival. Over-grown plants can provide a hidden avenue for termites and prevent thorough visual inspection.

• Keep ground cover below the bottom of the exterior siding. Ground cover, such as mulch and pine straw, that has built up over the bottom of wall coverings, provide a hidden avenue for termites. Ground cover should be at least 15.24cm or 6 inches below the bottom of exterior wall coverings.

• Monitor irrigation systems. Ensure sprinklers are adjusted properly to spray away from foundation and walls.

Ensure you have a comprehensive termite inspection by a professional termite company. At A1 Pest Control Canberra, our inspections can use the state of the art thermal imaging to see pests before they can do damage.

Call our team today 0407 065 413 Image may contain: house, screen and outdoor

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A1 Pest Control Canberra – Termite Specialists

Why do we call ourselves termite specialists? I guess it has to do with the fact that we go over and beyond what is expected of a pest control company that we take pride in our work and want to help everyone of our customers get protection from the damage that termites can do.

It’s the fact that we invest in our own education that keeps us a step in front of the pack so we are aware of any changes in technology or new treatments that have come onto the market place that give better safer results we would want to know that too to pass onto our customers.

Many times we are called in and amazed at those that have come in before us and stated that there are “NO” termites and have just taken the inspection money and run where on closer inspection its very evident that there are termites.

Perhaps the other company didn’t go all the way under the house to check for evidence of termites or otherwise they would not of missed the mud tracks left by the termites?

Or they inspected the property on a wet day and was not able to gain access to a roof due to weather on the day, who knows all we know if there is one area that is miss or overlooked its like giving termites the keys to the house!

Our mission is to save you money and to use not only the tools we use visually, but to offer you newer technology like thermal imaging that detects moisture, body heat and movement of termites but also alerts you the owner of potential plumbing and electrical issues as well.

Weather does not prevent us from checking on roofs and checking under the house as the thermal imaging can detect through all surfaces.

I also know that we use only superior products like Termidor that give a $2million dollar 8 year warranty and we feel that alone gives the customers peace of mind when choosing a termite specialist.

We always choose people over profits and this also sets us aside from our competitors who will use a cheaper product and increase the price.

If you are looking for Termite Specialist who does pre-construction, commercial and domestic property contact Bob on 0407 065 413 or email

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VIDEO A1 Pest Control Canberra – Termite Talk

Its strange what you come across in the pest control business – just when you have thought you have seen it all up pops something that you may have read about but not ever seen for yourself.

Did you know that termite King and Queen only fly once and that is to find where they will make their new colony. Once there the wings fall off the Queen’s whole purpose is to produce thousands upon thousands of termites daily.

How interesting is that!

Listen to the story here

The soldier termites go out and find the soft sap wood that they know that the Queen loves to eat and the termites build their mud tracks straight to the soft wood.

Only last week Bob and his team were called out to a property when they had cut the tree down in their backyard and did not grind the stump down. The family decorated the bare stump with gnomes and pot plants not knowing that there was a colony of termites busily eating away at the soft

The pest control team started their investigation and opened the stump to reveal not just one Queen but another 8 Queens – you see there is only one fertile Queen the others are her replacement should something happen to her, the soldiers are infertile and their job in life is to feed the Queen and to protect the colony.

Bob followed the mud tracks into the house silently eating away the door frames of the newly renovated bathroom.

Anyway, I hope you got to have a good look at the video and then get back to us if we can help you with a termite inspection either visual or with our T3i thermal imaging to ensure that we can identify if you have termites and if you have devise a plan on how to best treat the problem.

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Termite Treatments – Don’t Pay Too Much

As a business of course we will charge you for our services but there is a BIG difference to paying for one of our services and paying through the nose.

Only last week we called out to quote on a termite barrier and another pest company do a quote on bait stations before I tell you the cost I need for you to know the difference between the two treatments.


Bait stations is when the pest control manager places the barriers in the ground with wood in the barriers to attract the termites and then check the barriers every 12 weeks to see if there are any termites that have been attracted to the stations.

Termite Barriers are when we dig a trench and dig 200 mm out from the footings and 70mm wide x 100mm deep if there are concrete paths we drill holes 12mm holes 200 apart and then add Termidor.

This protects the whole property and we give 8 years 2 million assurance against termites coming back in that time which I think gives anyone peace of mind.

Back to my story, Bob attended a property in Ainslie a suburb of Canberra and found live termites in both the fence line and they had built mud tracks into the home eating away at a new bathroom and we prepared a report that had our plan of treating the termites and laying down the barrier.

The homeowner was given our quotation and he nearly fell over as our quote was $6,000 less than the quote for given for the bait stations! That is a huge difference in the cost, needless to say we got the job.

*It is in our opinion that bait stations that we have seen that are installed are rarely get checked leaving your property unprotected and giving you a false sense of security as you can see the bait stations, whereas the termite barriers is more cost effective using quality chemicals and giving the property owner 8 year 2 million dollar assurance gives the home owner peace of mind and is a more cost effective method in dealing with termites.

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A1 Pest Control Canberra, Get Rid of Termites, Spiders & Creepy Crawlies

What I love about our pest control company in Canberra is that we are a family owned business that has customers that think enough of us that they write reviews to tell others of their pest control experience that they got from Bob and his team. One of the main things that stand us apart from our competitors is our customer service and how we spend the time to update and educate our customers.

We are an Australian company not sold out to overseas companies like some of our competitors that are playing on the fact that they use to be wholly Australian owned and now owned entirely by overseas companies – which is sad.

Services that we provide:

  • Termite Thermal imaging inspections – access or weather is never a problem
  • Termite barriers with $2million 8 year assurance policy
  • General pest treatment – both family and pet friendly
  • Possum removal
  • European Wasp removal
  • Dead rat removal – with odour bags that don’t mask the smell they absorb the odours
  • Bed Bug detection and removal
  • End of lease – we will even return the key to the agent!

We are there when you need us to be this may mean that you need us to not to disturb your day to day work routine so we will work outside normal 9-5 work hours which is ideal for our e-commence clients.

Customer service is the name of the game and many of our competitors will give a 4-5 hour window of when they will be there. A1 Pest Control Canberra will be there at an appointment time. Also another thing is that all staff has had Police checks.

If we can be of assistance for any pest control needs please call Bob 0407 065 413 or contact us through our website contact form at

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Call Bob 0407 065 413

With possums they always travel in pairs and when there is 2 you may get the whole family before you know it! They come indoors to shelter from the cold and to breed.

While they are cute to look at they make a lot of noise at night and will fight and run around keeping you awake.

There are many people who say they are licensed to trap and release possums but few do go to the trouble of getting a TAMS license – we are fully licensed and look forward to delivering you the awesome customer services that we are known for.

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Get rid of termites

Canberra Termites Control: Get rid of termites from your home

Canberra Termites Control

Canberra Termites Control

Canberra Termites Control. There is no doubt that the Australian vegetation is very diverse and dynamic. Everyday there are trees which die and at the same time new trees regenerate. Because of the many fallen trees and the dropped limbs, there are also shed barks and leaves which create a layer of litter in many woodland areas. Within this litter there is normally an amazing creature known as a termite. Termites feed on this cellular material and in the process convert it into soil. It has been established that there are around 2,500 different species of termites that exist around the world, and in Australia there are 350 species, but it is only 30 of them that are regarded as pests.

Termites normally have colonies which are well organized similar in so many ways to that of ordinary ants. In addition to having a king and a queen, they also have workers that take care of the feeding of the colony and soldiers that normally look after the protection of the colony. In most of our homes, we have kind of recreated the bush, and for this reason termites find a very perfect habitat in such places.

Canberra Termites Control At A1 Pest Control we have a team of expert who have specialized in termite detection and control. We normally identify a tree that is suspected to house the termites, drill into the trunk of the tree and place a temperature probe into the cavity to identify the location of the nest. This method is effective since the royal chamber, where the queen resides surrounded by the nursery, normally has a constant temperature of about 34 degrees C with high humidity. The tree that are mostly affected by termite damage are the almond trees and gum trees because they live for a very long time and as a result accumulate a lot of dead wood and barks as they are growing.

Canberra Termites ControlIn order to eradicate the termite nest, we normally use a controlling agent that is pumped into the nest and the hole sealed. We then lay a number of termite traps on your property in case there is still suspicion of the presence of termite activity in the area.We will then inspect these traps regularly so as to see if there is any termite activity. If we detect the presence of termites, we will use a large bait box that we normally install so as to concentrate the termite numbers. We normally put cells of wood in the bait box that put in place for about eight weeks, after which the entire colony is treated with a range of contact insecticides.

Get Canberra Termites Control at A1 Pest Control Canberra.

Even though you may be vigilant and also have put in place termite detection mechanisms, these destructive pests are still able to enter your home. One of the most visible indications may be slight discoloration of the surface of a wall, which is likely followed by warping in case it is wood paneling that is used for the wall lining.

Since termites are tropical insects, they normally create their own high humidity wherever they live. The damage caused by termites can be very huge and this is the reason why you should ensure they do not get a home in your property. Professional help is the best solution to termite problems since getting rid of them can be a very difficult process. In case you suspect you have a pest problem in your home, contact A1 Pest Control for Canberra Termites Control and we will act immediately.


Termite Treatment

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Best way to Get Rid of Termites

termitesEven though buying a home is normally one of the biggest investments to most people, the worst thing about it is that it could be going on right now without your even knowing it. It can even be possible that it has been going on for a number of years right under your feet. This is because termites can be very sneaky.Termites have been known to be the silent killer of countless houses all over the world. One thing that makes a termite infestation scary is the fact that it can sometimes take up to five years before the termite damage is even noticeable. Generally, the most visible sign of a termite damage are the holes in wood and/or sagging floors.

When the damage gets to this point, the cost in terms of damage will start accumulating very fast. You may be lucky if you were clever enough to perform termite inspections or if you realized early enough that were maybe just lucky enough to realize what was going on before that sort of serious damage had been inflicted. But whatever the extent of your termite problem, this article can help you.

The first and most important thing you need to do to control termites is to look for evidence of their presence. Even though the termite damage can be a bit difficult to find, looking in the right places can give you an idea of any termite infestation in your property. You can try tapping on floor beams, support beams, pillars, wall boards, etc. In case it is wooden, you need to tap it, and in case you find a hole in the wood, try sticking something like the tip of the screwdriver in it. If the screw driver easily goes in, you could very well have a termite problem. You can also try looking for mud tubes, termite droppings, and insect wings. Termite problems always require fast action and it is advisable that if you can’t tell whether or not you have termites, you need to get an inspector in there.

This is the reason why a very simple phone call could really save you a lot of money. In case you are very sure you have termites, avoid wasting any time. Even though it is easily possible to get rid of termites from your home, a very important step in termite control is to make sure they can’t re-invade your home once you’ve gotten rid of them to begin with. The first step would be to make their food unavailable. Termites eat wood and if you can get rid of any wood debris out in the yard, or random logs laying around, you can be on your way to getting rid of them.

Since the best way of getting rid of termites from your property once and for all is by the help of pest control professionals, you should contact them as soon as you suspect you have termites. At A1 Pest control, we have a dedicated team of well-trained experts who are always ready to come to your rescue. We will come and inspect your entire home for these destructive pests and if they are there, we will use the best method that will not be harmful to your family and to your pets to eliminate them completely. Contact us today and we will get to you as soon as possible.


Termite Treatment

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Biflex Aqua Max


Biflex Aqua

Biflex AquaMax
Biflex Aqua

Biflex Aquamax is a water-based termiticide (i.e. it kills termites) & Insecticide
Active ingredient: 100 g/L bifenthrin

For professional pest control use in external and internal situations around buildings, and other domestic and commercial environments.

Product Description:

Biflex AquaMax was the origninal professional strength insecticide and termiticide. This pesticide is effective on all common household and commercial pests, as well as all termite species in Australia.

This unique water-based formulation is non-staining & odourless, without sacrificing efficacy or residual longevity. Biflex aqua has the highest active ingredient (100g/L bifenthrin) and yet is extremely safe when applied according to the label.

Biflex AquaMax provides pest control for the following pests:

  1. Spiders
  2. Wasps
  3. Ants
  4. Cockroaches
  5. Fleas
  6. Flies
  7. Mosquitoes
  8. Ticks
  9. Subterranean Termites.

Termite Pest Control

Biflex repels termites for at least 10 years in good soil conditions. Its a long-term residual insecticide, binds to soil and organic matter, is UV stable, non-soluble, and non-systemic (doesn’t get drawn out of soil by plants).


Looking for information about Bi-Flex, a powerful termiticide? If you’re concerned about the damage that can be wrought on your home or property by large termite populations, then you might be interested in the benefits of this product in terms of destroying and discouraging termite colonies.

Because termites are capable of causing large amounts of damage to a property and its contents by destroying structures such as wooden supports or valuables such as books and storage boxes, it’s essential that home and property owners take action to ensure that a termite infestation does not go unchecked.

As most home owners do not have a thorough understanding of the behaviour of termite colonies, arranging for a professional pest controller to manage a termite infestation is recommended.

One product often used by professional pest controllers in helping to control termite populations, as well as other home-dwelling pests, is Bi-Flex.

This product is designed to create effective termite barriers around the home and other nearby structures. It is often applied to termite-prone areas such as building foundations, chimney areas, the slab perimeter, crawl spaces and other openings such as ducts and pipes, and also nearby trees and stumps. This helps stop the existing infestation, and to discourage the termites from returning.

Bi-Flex is widely used by professional pest controllers, and has a number of benefits in terms of keeping termite infestations under control.


One advantage of using this product is that it is highly effective even when applied at relatively low concentrations.

Research has indicated that even a small amount of the product may help to destroy termite infestations. This makes it both cost-effective and more environmentally friendly because less of the product needs to be used.


In addition to helping stop termite infestations in their tracks, Bi-Flex continues to do so for extended periods of time, meaning that not only are termite colonies wiped out, but they’re discouraged from returning.


Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of this product is that its active ingredient is known for being stable.

This means that residents in the home or property won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals or residues, and won’t be subject to strong chemical smells.

In fact, the product is safe enough that it can be used in the garden – including around vegetables or fruit trees.

If you’re concerned about the damage being done to your Canberra home by a termite colony, then it’s worth speaking to a professional pest controller about the methods available to help deal with pest infestations.

Our company is experienced in using products such as Bi-Flex, so feel free to contact us for more information about the application process.


  • Low odor formulation
  • Water based formulation
  • Virtually non-senstising
  • Low application rate
  • Cost effective


Termite Treatment

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Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting

Termite BaitingTermite Baiting do you know what this is?  Let me tell you what it is and how it is used.  As termites are a significant issue for Canberra home and properties, and are in fact one of the most common causes behind property damage in the country. As termite colonies can often go undetected until they have caused visible problems with a property, they can be a serious problem for property owners and what most people are unaware of is that home insurance doesn’t cover termite damage.

Termite Baiting Tips

There is 1 popular way of dealing with termite infestations is termite baiting. This process involves attracting termites to a particular area, and then treating them with a specially designed insecticide. The process works as the affected termites do not die immediately, but return to their colonies. In doing so, they infect the other members of their colony with the toxin they have ingested.

Over time, this results in the death of the termite colony. Baiting is one of several solutions to dealing with termites, and is often used when other treatments are not viable. For example, baiting can be a good option where using standard termiticides may pose a threat to the environment, such as in areas near water, when pesticides cannot be used, or when barrier treatments, treatments designed to stop termite infestations occurring, have been unsuccessful.

Termite baiting should only be performed by a licensed pest controller, as termite dusting often involves the application of chemicals and toxins that may not be used by other individuals. In fact, many over-the-counter processes for baiting termites are designed only to determine whether termite colonies are present on the property, rather than to destroy these colonies. Professional pest controllers are able to oversee the entire process of identifying, assessing, and dealing with a termite infestation, so it’s in your interest to invest in a pest control inspection the sooner the better.

There are currently several different types of termite baits available on the market. These vary in their application process, their toxins and active ingredients, their effectiveness, and how environmentally friendly they are.

Not all termite baits are appropriate to a given property, and a professional pest controller will be able to advise about which product are best suited and to be most effective for your household’s needs. For example, factors such as whether you own pets, or whether the infestation is within the home or outside the home may affect the type of termite bait chosen.

Termite baiting can be an effective solution to dealing with a termite infestation, but is best discussed with a professional pest controller who can advise you about whether it is the most appropriate method of dealing with your termite problem.

A1 Pest Control Canberra is experienced in baiting, so for more information feel free to contact. You can contact us by calling 0407 065 413 or emailing


Termite Treatment

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Give us a call at 0407 065 413 and let’s see how we can help you.