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There are many pest control services that will say that they will do termite barriers and will give cheaper prices in order to get your business BUT in doing so many will cut corners and use inferior products that will not last as long or be as effective.

A1 Pest Control Canberra uses quality environmentally pet friendly treatments and are one of a few pest control companies that can give Termidor Chemical Barriers BASF product 8 year warranty and $2 million assurance warranty!

This should give you peace of mind knowing that on completion of our termite barrier we will register your assurance warranty on your behalf.

We do both commercial, residential and pre-construction
RING Bob 0407 065 413.

Dead Rat Mice Removal For Pests That Don’t Go Away To Die

Just imagine that you have gone down to Bunnings or similar and purchased some rat bait and you have gone up into the roof void sprinkling the bait around ignoring the directions on the packet as a little more is better, right? Then a week to a month passes by and you can no longer […]

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Australia’s hot summer heat attracts Cockroaches and Hordes of Huntsman Spiders!

I saw this recent article and it did make me sit up and take notice as we have also seen in Canberra a rise in the number of pests that continue to re-surface again. A hot, dry summer is set to bring out increasing numbers of insects and spiders Expert says insects are more active […]

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How do I hire a pest control company?

When you are looking to hire a pest control company there are a few things that need to be considered:   Are they fully licensed to do the job? Is their insurance up to date? Does the company fully explain what they will be doing when they are going to do the treatment? Are they […]

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Best Bird Pest Control Canberra, Bird Deterrent Bird Repellent

Bird pest control becomes necessary when one or two things happens that humans are responsible for and create the problem either knowingly by feeding birds from a balcony or in the garden that would attract other birds and literally trains them to return every day for a meal. Or on a balcony this creates a […]

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Useful tips about European Wasps on how to not get stung more importantly.

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Imagine this. you have or are buying a property and you see it has had a visual termite inspection but what jumps out at you on the report is one or more of the following. • Not able to gain access to the subfloor • Wet weather could not access the roof etc. Termites gain […]

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Possum Catcher Pest Control Canberra Call 0407 065 413

There has been a larger than ordinary possum calls outs this winter. Many reasons for this as Canberra expands to make way for buildings and housing destroying possum habitat and food source they are heading into suburbia and that is when it becomes a problem. Who would blame possums for wanting to keep warm in […]

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Fleas are small wingless but agile insects who live by consuming the blood of their hosts. They are external parasites who look for mammals and birds to survive.

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FREE Pest Control Tips – Canberra Call 0407 065 413

A1 Pest Control Canberra takes pride in doing a little extra for their customers which comes as a nice surprise for customers that have not used our services before. I have noticed not just with the pest control industry but services that I have hired to do the odd jobs around the home or have […]

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Hearing scratching or gnawing at night in your roof? Many people will ignore and put up with a little occasional scratching and a little bit of scurrying around

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Why DIY Pest Control Treatments Do NOT Work…

If you are nodding as your reading this you are not alone many people do this. This sort of treatment is ineffective as the pests over time have become immune

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Colder weather brings many pests indoors and literally we make it easy for possums especially by giving them access through vines that grow up on the house or trellis that is too close to the roof. From there its easy access through a loose or

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Being a landlord is rewarding as property values increase around Canberra and I know that many landlords depend on feedback from property managers to make them aware of any pending maintenance issues..

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Canberra Pest Control Termite Inspections & Barriers

Canberra does not get the name bush capital for nothing its surrounded by bush termites favourite food but as Canberra expands the trees are cleared for housing the termites go looking for more

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EASTER PEST PEST CONTROL IN CANBERRA As the weather cools and Easter is around the corner and the kids are due to be on holidays this is what we have found that generally happens in Canberra we get 2 types of pests predominately over this time which I will explain below. RATS/MICE Homeowners that live in close proximity to schools […]

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Tis the season… for European wasps and bed bugs

Another pest to be wary of this season is bed bugs. Jenny warns that when you head out on holidays or stay in a hotel, bed bugs can ride on your luggage all the way home and then infest your house.

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