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Spider Control Canberra

High Quality Spider Control

Why is spider control important?
In Australia, an estimated 10,000 species inhabit the country, from urban centers to the bushes. Inquisitive children and pets could get harmed. Red-backs and white-tailed spiders, for instance, bite and could be lethal, too.

They are a  pet to some. But for most people, they can also be a nuisance, especially when you have to frequently clean areas where spiders have created webs or when it gets more serious and someone has been harmed by a spider bite.

Spiders live around people and are actually considered less threatening than snakes or bees. However, Australia has the most widely distributed venomous spiders all over the country so it isn’t safe to keep your guard down when spiders start infesting your home.

Our spider pest control team can help you rid your home of these dangerous insects. 

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