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funnel web Spider Canberra

Funnel Web Spider Canberra - What Is A Funnel Web Spider?

Funnel Web Spider Canberra is known to be one of the most feared spiders in Australia. Many people are aware of this type of spider due to their constant sightings in residential areas. And it’s also because they’re one of the most dangerous spiders in the country.

These spiders are found throughout Australia and New Zealand. There are 35 or more known species that are all categorised as dangerous. So be aware of your surroundings and don’t go near them if spotted. They are very aggressive, and they do attack!

How to Identify a Funnel Web Spider?

Funnel Web Spider Canberra

Funnel Web spiders’ bodies are big, black, hairy, and shiny. They dig up burrows in the ground or holes in wet or rotting woods, preferring isolated and undisturbed bushland.

One of the distinct behaviour of Funnel Web Spiders Canberra is using their silk to build webs. It’s usually a funnel-shaped web with an opening shaped in the letter T or Y, into which makes their prey falls in. Through these webs, funnel insects are led to the spider’s burrow.

Males and females have different behaviours. Females are more sedentary and usually stay in their burrows, under stones or logs. They remain in their webs the entire time and would just move to find another location to build new webs.

Males (funnel web Spider Canberra), on the other hand, are very active, especially after summer rain. As soon as they’re mature, they leave their burrows and start wandering around, searching for mates. Being nocturnal, they usually wander in the nighttime and look for convenient shelter when the day comes. And these are the times when people come in contact with them.

How Dangerous are them to Humans?

Funnel Web Spiders Canberra have fangs that are strong and sharp. It delivers their powerful venom to their prey or victims. Neurotoxins and Atraxotoxin are present in their venom, making it a powerful combination, as Atraxotoxin is one of the most dangerous toxins in the animal kingdom and is known to attack the nervous system and body organs. All fatal recorded bites come from male funnel web spider Canberra since they’re more active and commonly seen.

Symptoms of Funnel Web Spider Canberra Bite

Funnel Web Spider Canberra

A bite from these funnel web spider Canberra insects can cause serious illness. The venom attacks fast and is lethal if not treated immediately. People bitten usually suffer from the following symptoms:

  • extreme pain
  • shortness in breathing
  • rapid heart rate
  • numbness in the mouth and lips
  • confusion
  • convulsions
  • high blood pressure
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • lack of responsiveness
Funnel Web Spider Canberra

That being said, a simple bite from these funnel web Spider Canberra is very fatal. Seek medical help right away. Immediate treatment is needed and you can follow these first-aid methods while waiting for medical help.

  1. Clean the bite area with water and soap and wrap it with an elastic bandage. Apply extreme pressure.
  2. Attach a splint to immobilize the area.
  3. Keep the bandage in place while the person is being transported to the hospital.

As we always say, prevention is the key.

There are simple ways in which you can keep the funnel web Spider Canberra away from your property. Here are some prevention tips for you.

Funnel Web Spider Canberra
  1. Remove cobwebs – Check regularly around your home and property for webs and remove them. This will prevent funnel web Spider Canberra from staying and reproducing.
  2. Seal gaps around your house – This will keep funnel web Spider Canberra from exploring indoors. Check your walls, beneath your doors, and window frames for cracks or openings, and seal them.
  3. Keep your home clean – This is the simplest but very effective way to keep spiders away from your property. Spiders and other pests are attracted to clutter, dust and webs so have a regular house cleaning schedule.

Funnel Web Spider Canberra – Pest Control Services

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