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Helpful Tips About Common Spiders.

Why Do We Have So Many Spiders In Our House?

Why do we have spiders in our house?

Wondering why do we have spiders in our house? Spiders are creepy crawlers that live all over the world. Understand Why They’re Attracted to Our Homes?

They’re often found indoors, where they can cause problems for people by biting them. But there are also many harmless species that live outdoors. Here’s everything you need to know about these arachnids.

Learn about the Different Kinds of Spiders

There are more than 3,000 known species of spiders worldwide. Most of them are small, ranging in size from 1/16th of an inch (1 mm) to 4 inches (10 cm). While some spiders are dangerous to humans, others are not harmful at all.

Despite their sinister appearance, many spiders serve a useful purpose in the home by eating pesky insects, such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. The problem arises when the spider population becomes too large, or venomous spiders enter your home – scenarios that A1 Pest Control Canberra can deal with.

In Canberra, the redback, huntsman, black house spider, mouse spider, white-tailed spider and funnel-web are the ones to watch, especially around small children. A1 Pest Control Canberra provides a wide range of spider pest control services in Canberra. 

So, if you are wondering why do we have spiders in our house, then there’s the answer.

Understand Why They’re Attracted to Our Homes

Let’s understand why do we have spiders in our house and why they are attracted?

Finding spiders in your home can be an unsettling experience. Are you wondering, “Why do we have spiders in my house?” If so, searching for the answer is the first step in preventing the situation from worsening. If you see more than just a few spiders in your home, you’re probably ready to take the steps needed to get rid of them.

why do we have spiders in our house

Spiders are often found indoors because they use webs to catch insects. They also eat other invertebrates such as cockroaches, ants, and centipedes. However, they do not usually bite people unless provoked.

Discover Ways to Get Rid of Them

There are several reasons why spiders might live inside your home. First, some species of spiders will build webs to trap prey. These webs can become tangled up with furniture, curtains, and other items in your home. Second, spiders need places to hide when they aren’t hunting. 

This includes hiding under objects, behind pictures, and even in bookshelves. Third, spiders are attracted to light sources. If you leave lights on at night, you may attract more than one type of spider. Fourth, spiders are attracted to food. You may find them in kitchens, pantries, and refrigerators. Finally, spiders are attracted to moisture. They tend to congregate near water pipes, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

Know When It’s Safe to Let Them Back into Your Home

It’s important to understand that not all spiders pose a threat to humans. Most spiders are harmless, although there are some exceptions. For instance, black widows and brown recluse spiders are venomous and should never be handled by anyone. Other spiders, such as tarantulas, are also dangerous because they can bite people. However, most spiders are only interested in eating insects.

Prevent Future Infestations

If you find a spider in your home, try to catch it with a paper towel or other clean cloth. Don’t use soap or water because these substances will kill the spider. Then, place the spider outside where it belongs. You can also call an exterminator to remove the spider.

why do we have spiders in our house

You can depend on A1 Pest Control Canberra to ensure your spider infestation will be properly dealt with. If you are in the Canberra area and need spider control or prevention services, call the pros at A1 Pest Control Canberra at  0407 065 413.



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