Spider Pest Control – Everyone Hates Spiders!

We get calls from all sorts of people that have creepy crawly problems and the one that makes people shudder is spiders.

There was a woman who saw a huge spider on her screen doors back and front that was holding her prisoner!

She was late to work as she had a fear that the spider would jump on her as she went through the door. It does not even help customers when we tell them that the spiders they describe is harmless and it helps to eat mosquitos …they just want them GONE.

Spiderlings are small baby spiders that are airborne and just attach to anywhere they fall mainly outside but can find their way indoors as well.


When we come for the general pest treatment or attend spider call outs we will spray our treatment on webs what many people do is take a broom and get the web down this is WRONG.

Leave the web in place 3-4 weeks as other spiders will visit the web and the treatment will kill them as well.

There have been video’s on YouTube of people that are well meaning and get a ladder and container to trap the spider and they think that they will creep up on the spider to catch it – don’t forget many spiders have 6-8 eyes though and can keep an eye on you either through poor sight or vibration.

The video is funny to watch, as the person gets near to the spider container in hand above his head and nearly ready to capture it when the spider jumps on him!

He and the child who is video recording it scream the ladder falls over and no doubt the man may have even hurt himself. Don’t climb ladders or you could get hurt!

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