The team has had the first call out of European Wasps this week so thought it’s a great time to give some helpful tips and warnings about these dangerous pests.

Firstly, do not ever approach the wasp nest if they detect your presence that the nest is under threat the wasps will attack.

Bear in mind that one single wasp can sting up to 9 times you can imagine the pain and suffering a small child or family animal would undergo if they got stung.

When we attend a call out we are armed with a full bee suit and we still get stung!

• Wear protective footing in the garden sometimes the nests are built underground

• Walk very slowly past the nest and in the shadows if possible

• Keep pets and children away from the nest – do not try to remove the nest yourself

• Careful of beverages that are in a can outdoors wasp can be inside the can If stung seek urgent medical attention if allergic to the sting OR Clean the affected area with soap and warm water.

Use a cold pack to reduce swelling and pain. Use pain-relieving medication and stung.

In the video, you can see WHY you need a beekeeper suit! The wasps are attacking this man!

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