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Cockroach Infestation
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Cockroach Infestation and Pest Control Canberra

Do you know what is Cockroach Infestation? Or, do you have any idea what is the sign of Cockroach Infestation? This is a pretty disgusting topic and not one to be read while having dinner but cockroach baiting is considered to play an important role in pest control cockroach management programs.

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Tips on identifying and controlling German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are prevalent in the Unites States and are present worldwide. They contaminate spaces by spreading germs and bacteria.  The adult cockroaches are recognized by their tan color. They can also be light brown with two black horizontal stripes located behind their heads.

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All told in Australia there are five main pest species of cockroaches. The different species comprise of German, Smoky-brown, American, Australian and Brown-banded cockroaches.
The reason that they are regarded as pests is due to a number of factors these are …

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