Mosquito Control in Canberra

(Helps you to get rid from annoying Mosquitoes)

Mosquito Control in Canberra

A1 Pest Control Canberra Offer to Canberrians:

Tired of swatting pesky mosquitoes?  Are your Kids constantly scratching and complaining of bites? Here’s comes now the answer to your problem.

For Mosquito Control in Canberra, have a One Week FREE TRIAL on us and become WORRY-FREE from annoying mosquitoes in your place.

We will personally deliver and set up our one of a kind NON-TOXIC Mozzy Killer that is effective and efficient to use. This has been proven and tested. We offer money-back-guarantee so that you can be assured that this will really work for you!

Mosquito Control in Canberra

All you need do is to pay a small amount on delivery, test it for a week and if you are not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded. This is how confident we are in our product.

Call us now (0407-065-413) while this offer is still available and mention to Bob that you saw this article on our website. Hurry and grab your phone now!

More Information:

Mosquitoes are well known as pests around the world that spread diseases and cause itchiness. Getting rid of mozzies is actually easier than you think; here are some tips to help you keep them away from you and your family or staff. Get Mosquito Control in Canberra NOW!

  • Get rid of any stagnant water sources in your yard(i.e. mosquito breeding grounds include old tyres, driveway puddles, unfiltered fish ponds, empty flowerpots, and any item that can hold water for more than few days).
  • If you have mosquitoes or other stinging insects such as gnats in large numbers, then get rid of it right away.

You need a professional solution that is also completely environmentally friendly about Mosquito Control in Canberra.

Jakmax: The Terminator

JakMax The Terminator

Power Consumption: 28 Watts

Ultra Violet Tube: MT0010 (which is a small tube)

Electric Cord Length: 1.9 meters

Power Supply: 240V

Weight of Unit: 1.75 kilograms

Size: Length – 25.4 centimeters – Width is 30.5 centimeters – Height is 25.4 centimeters

Part Number: MT0005

Our Limited Edition Price:$220 ONLY!


(Mosquito Control in Canberra) The Terminator uses UV Light, a Heat generator, constantly flowing CO2 and air suction to trap and lure flying pests.

  • The energy efficient long life UV Tubes (3000 hours approximately) produce an irresistible light source.
  • A large concaved heating surface means the trap flying object is slightly warmed to simulate the temperature of human skin.
  • A reflector and funnel-like structure that has a Titanium Dioxide coating and produces Carbon Dioxide(CO2) to fool biting insects that mammals are breathing air.
  • It has a powerful suction fan which has the ability to draw insects down into the collection chamber with no mess or spills.


• It has a quiet method of operation – there will be no annoying sounds of insects being zapped

  • No stinky smell
  • No insecticides so it’s environmentally friendly with no toxins or pollutants
  • No technical skill or assembly is required making it very convenient to use
  • Completely safe for children and family pets
  • Completely safe both for indoors & outdoor places
  • Very easy to operate – you simply switch it on
  • Very low cost to operate (less than an electric light bulb)
  • Extremely easy to maintain and clean
  • Large area of coverage, around 150 square meters for the average back yard entertaining area
  • It attracts annoying insects either during day or night-time due to advanced CO2 Technology.
  • Keep people safe from diseases like Ross River Fever, Malaria,Dengue and among other related diseases caused by mosquitoes.
  • Hassle-Free Long-Life UV Tubes are used

Stop your Zappin’ and Start a Trappin’

The JAK Max “Terminator” Mozzie Trap controls biting insects such as Mosquitoes, Sand Flies, Midges and etc., for indoors or in outdoor areas.

Its Photocell technology automatically turns it on at night-time so you will always have protection from those pesky flying insect pests. The photocell switch may also be set continuously for whole day (24 hours) usage.

Very Stylish and Elegant looking, it may be placed on tables, or hung up.

With no pesticides or odours it is the perfect ‘family safe’ solution to your flying insect problems.

Call now at 0407-065-413 or email at if you need environmentally friendly mosquito control in your place.
Black Hole Mosquito Trap

  • By cleverly producing CO2 that mimics animals, the Black Hole mozzie are traps and lures all mosquitoes, it can also catch and kill other pesky flying insects like flies and even moths which may be attracted by its black light.
  • Black Hole Mosquito Traps is very safe, effective, environmental-friendly and the best alternative to normal pest treatments. They may be positioned inside or outside of your home, garden, office, swimming pool, barbecue area and among others.
  • The most effective area: sixty-six to one hundred and sixty-five square meters (66 to 165 sq mtr).
  • The light globes can last for over three hundred hours and are available from most lighting shops (easy to find).

The Black Hole is now available in Canberra Metropolitan Area!

We are now offering LIMITED DISCOUNT so better call now and hurry up to order before we run out of stocks.

Talk to us and let us discuss and give you some helpful advice about Mosquito Control in Canberra.

Tel. No.:0407065 413


CALL NOW for Mosquito Control in Canberra.

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termite pest control in canberra

Pest Control in Canberra


  • Get rid of wood piles around your house – its like putting a meal out for a hungry cat – Termites LOVE wood!
  • Check leaks and damp areas kitchen & bathroom
  • Check trees either in your yard or if you back onto a reserve
  • Look for mud tunnels under/around the house
  • Look for sawdust on the floor or soft spots around door frame
    skirting boards

Possums pest control in canberraPOSSUMS

  • Trim back trees from around on the house
  • If you are in a new home check for broken tiles
  • Fruit trees rake up fallen fruit and get rid of it
  • If you hear possums and you trap one there is always a
    2nd one!
  • If you have had air conditioning installed check the outside
    unit to ensure its completely sealed

Pest Control in Canberra and Don’t Welcome Unwanted Guest

cockroach pest control in canberraCOCKROACHES

  • Cockroaches only come out at night if you are seeing them during
    day time you have trouble and will be harder to treat you need US
  • Clear all dishes away wash up or in the dishwasher
  • Throw food away if left out overnight as the cockroaches vomit
    and urinate on food – which will make you sick
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness wipes benches down sweep
  • Place plugs in sinks as they come in through drains along with
    other pests
  • Restaurants need to have pest inspections every 3 months and
    be given a certificate of recommendation.


  • Basically the same cleaning as with cockroaches if you take
    away their food and water source this will definitely keep the
    chance of mice down
  • Everything in sealed containers in the pantry
  • Garbage bins keep them well away from the back door


We are preferred Pest Control, and End of Lease treatments for:

Blackshaw Realestate agents in Belconnen, Canberra City Woden, Curtin Weston Creen

13 Cosgrove



Pest Control in Canberra Now!

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The Best Solutions to your Rodent problem

Solutions to your Rodent problem

Rodent Problem in Canberra

It has been established that there are more than sixty species of rats in Australia, which occupy a wide range of the habitats across the country. Even though most of these are native species there are two rats (Black Rat and Brown Rat) which were introduced in Australia and have rapidly adjusted to Australian conditions. The Black rat which is the one that is more widespread and abundant is a commensal rodent and is commonly found in disturbed or degraded environments. This is the type of rat that is commonly spotted in cities and towns, and it is the one commonly responsible for the infestation of houses, sheds, warehouses and storage.

It has been established that there are more than sixty species of rats in Australia, which occupy a wide range of the habitats across the country. Even though most of these are native species there are two rats (Black Rat and Brown Rat) which were introduced in Australia and have rapidly adjusted to Australian conditions. The Black rat which is the one that is more widespread and abundant is a commensal rodent and is commonly found in disturbed or degraded environments. This is the type of rat that is commonly spotted in cities and towns, and it is the one commonly responsible for the infestation of houses, sheds, warehouses and storage.

Rodent Problems

A lot of rats are known to primarily feed on seeds, followed by an herbivorous diet. Since rats are generally omnivores, they consume a range of food items depending on the availability. Human activities such as clearing unsuitable habitats and planting cereal and other food crops are some of the factors which normally increase the optimal habitat and food resources for rats. Both the local as well as introduced species of rats are known to breed and spread very quickly. They also commonly infest crops and food storages, and this may lead to huge economic damage. In Australia, the eruptions of rat infestations are normally not very easy to predict and the circumstances leading to infestations of crops are not fully understood. Due to this variability as well as the unpredictable occurrence of infestations, the control rodents can be difficult.

This is why an integrated pest management approach can be the best approach to get rid of rodents effectively. In many cases the very first clue of a serious rodent problem is normally by spotting their droppings on the kitchen counter, in kitchen drawers, cabinets, or the pantry. If one area of your property is infested, it’s normally very likely that the entire neighborhood is infested too. This is one of the reasons why rodents can be very difficult for a homeowner to control. They are usually a community problem. It ca be more effective to get rid of rodents if all the homeowners in a community work together to eliminate sources of food, water, and shelter. Rodents can be very persistent in their efforts to invade the home, but you can deal with them effectively if you know their capabilities.

Best Solution for your Rodent Problem in Canberra

A good professional pest controller will provide you with the best advice and techniques which you can easily implement on your own. Some of the major steps to eradicate rodents include:

  1. Good Sanitation Measures. Always ensure that surfaces in the home are clean so as to avoid rodents being attracted into the space by smells of food.
  2. Rodent Problem Proofing the Home. A good pest control expert can also look at your home for opportunities and rodent proof certain areas that may be not obvious or accessible to the homeowner.
  3. Poisons and Baits. There are cases where the best treatment to the existing populations of rats and mice in your home is through chemical treatments. This is especially when the infestation is very wide spread.

In case you have noticed any signs of rats or mice in your home, do not hesitate to act. At A1 Pest Control we have a great team of well-trained experts who will offer you the best solution for your rodent problem. Our experts will come and insect the extent of the rodent problem infestation in your home. Contact us today and we will act immediately. Contact us if you have Rodent Problem.

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Canberra Termites Control: Get rid of termites from your home

Canberra Termites Control

Canberra Termites Control

Canberra Termites Control. There is no doubt that the Australian vegetation is very diverse and dynamic. Everyday there are trees which die and at the same time new trees regenerate. Because of the many fallen trees and the dropped limbs, there are also shed barks and leaves which create a layer of litter in many woodland areas. Within this litter there is normally an amazing creature known as a termite. Termites feed on this cellular material and in the process convert it into soil. It has been established that there are around 2,500 different species of termites that exist around the world, and in Australia there are 350 species, but it is only 30 of them that are regarded as pests.


Termites normally have colonies which are well organized similar in so many ways to that of ordinary ants. In addition to having a king and a queen, they also have workers that take care of the feeding of the colony and soldiers that normally look after the protection of the colony. In most of our homes, we have kind of recreated the bush, and for this reason termites find a very perfect habitat in such places.


Canberra Termites Control At A1 Pest Control we have a team of expert who have specialized in termite detection and control. We normally identify a tree that is suspected to house the termites, drill into the trunk of the tree and place a temperature probe into the cavity to identify the location of the nest. This method is effective since the royal chamber, where the queen resides surrounded by the nursery, normally has a constant temperature of about 34 degrees C with high humidity. The tree that are mostly affected by termite damage are the almond trees and gum trees because they live for a very long time and as a result accumulate a lot of dead wood and barks as they are growing.


Canberra Termites ControlIn order to eradicate the termite nest, we normally use a controlling agent that is pumped into the nest and the hole sealed. We then lay a number of termite traps on your property in case there is still suspicion of the presence of termite activity in the area.We will then inspect these traps regularly so as to see if there is any termite activity. If we detect the presence of termites, we will use a large bait box that we normally install so as to concentrate the termite numbers. We normally put cells of wood in the bait box that put in place for about eight weeks, after which the entire colony is treated with a range of contact insecticides.

Get Canberra Termites Control at A1 Pest Control Canberra.

Even though you may be vigilant and also have put in place termite detection mechanisms, these destructive pests are still able to enter your home. One of the most visible indications may be slight discoloration of the surface of a wall, which is likely followed by warping in case it is wood paneling that is used for the wall lining.

Since termites are tropical insects, they normally create their own high humidity wherever they live. The damage caused by termites can be very huge and this is the reason why you should ensure they do not get a home in your property. Professional help is the best solution to termite problems since getting rid of them can be a very difficult process. In case you suspect you have a pest problem in your home, contact A1 Pest Control for Canberra Termites Control and we will act immediately.


Termite Treatment

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Get Rid of Bed bugs from your home

Get Rid of Bed bugs at A1 Pest

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small common parasites that normally feed on human blood. They ge t the flood to sustain them by piercing through the human skin which is mostly at night as people are dead asleep. They however do not live on the human body and they also do burrow into the skin. They are also very mobile insects and hence are able to move from one spot to another but within short distances. For this reason they normally live near their food (blood) sources. The most common place where bed bugs can be found is on mattresses, specifically along the stitched edges where they use the folds to hide themselves.  A1 Pest Control Canberra will help you to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

They can also be spotted on bed frames, in bed side furniture, in picture frames, behind wall papers, in cracks and crevices or other areas of a room that will provide them with protection, such as carpet edges, behind skirting boards or between wooden floor boards. In general, they are mostly a nuisance kind of pest more than a pest that can cause a serious health threat. There are people who find the bites from bed bugs painful while other people can get reactions because of the saliva that the bed bugs inject while feeding, which may cause localized allergic reactions. There are other people who will not react to either the bites or the saliva from the bed bugs at all. Start Get Rid of Bed bugs from your home.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs NOW

Adult bed bugs are normally about 4–6mm in length, oval in shape and their body colour is dark reddish. Even though bed bugs can only walk for short distances to adjoining rooms, they are mostly carried over greater distances in and on people’s luggage and belongings. This is the main way bed bugs are moved from infected homesinto new homesin Australia. It is always very important to look for evidence of bed bugs when travelling. A good idea is to always examining bedding and mattresses for signs of these pests. If you acquire second-hand furniture, you need to examine them very carefully, especially bedroom furniture, for any evidence of bed bugs. In addition you should have them treated by pest control experts in case there are bed bugs spotted.

Even though you may put in place a lot of measures to keep bed bugs away from your home, they can still infest your home and they are known to be very difficult to get rid of. In case you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, the best solution is always to contact licensed pest control professionals for help. At A1 Pest Control, we have a team of well-trained experts who use the best techniques to get rid of bed bugs completely from your home. Once your home is treated of bed bugs, we will also put in place measure to ensure they do not infest your home again and Get Rid of Bed Bugs Now.

We normally need to thoroughly inspect the premises at first so that we can access the extent of the infestation. This will help our team of experts to determine the best treatment method to use. Once we have carried out the initial treatment, we will make a number of follow-up inspections depending on scale the infestation. This may also require a number of repeated treatments to completely eradicate the pests. If you suspect you have a pest problem in your home, contact us immediately at and we will have our professionals coming to inspect your home and offered the best treatment solution. Get Rid of Bed Bugs NOW!

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice Fast

Get Rid of Mice Fast

Amazing Tricks Get Rid of Mice Fast!

In case you think you have mice in your home or you have seen signs or mice invading your home, this might be the time you really need to clean your house. Do you feel like mice are invading your home and you would like the very best and proven plan to get rid of them quickly? Have you started looking for the best available mouse traps or the best strategies to eliminate mice from your home? Are you the kind of person that would prefer to use natural methods to get rid of mice? You may also have tried a number of ways and now you need a professional mouse exterminator. No matter the level of mice invasion or the type of solution you think you may need, the best way to get rid of the mice is do it fast. When it comes to mice control, wasting time can cause a lot of damage since mice breed very fast and once they have widely infested your home may be very hard to get rid of mice fast.

Best Ways Get Rid of Mice Fast.

Mice are pests that can quickly and easily find a home in your property and immediately start nesting. Once they establish a source of food and a place they can shelter and where they feel safe, they may not leave your property easily. However, if you have a plan of action, you can be able to make it difficult for the mice to live in your home. The first method that is generally used when people suspect they have a mouse problem is mousetraps. This is a method that works well and is widely used.There is also the method of using poison as a way of getting rid of mice, but this is a controversial method. This is because a lot of people find it cruel as most poisons work by dehydrating the mouse. This is hover a personal decision of whether or not this is a method to be used. Sometimes it all comes down to who is more important, your family’s health or the mice? Contact Us Get Rid of Mice Fast!

Get Rid of Mice FastIf this is a method you decide to used, you have to be cautious to avoid contact of the poison with your pets or children. even though there are these and more methods of getting rid of mice, the best and most effective method always id to get the help of a pest control expert. All you need to do is to hire the experts and let them do all the dirty work for you.  At A1 Pest Control, we have a team of well-trained experts who will know all the places mice like to hide and we have best ways on how to Get Rid of Mice Fast. Our experts can really save you a lot of time in locating the source of your mouse problem.Our experts have been trained in all the evasive tactics that mice may use to escape your traps. They will also use the best and most effective baiting tricks & methods to catch even the smartest rodents. In addition, they will know the best ways to locate the areas of your home where the mice are getting in. They will ensure that all the points of weakness in your home are well sealed and in addition give you instructions on how to do it yourself.

Do You Need Help on How Get Rid of Mice Fast?

Once we have treated your home of mice, our experts will also make adequate follow ups and inspect your home to see if they were successful in getting rid of the mice. They will replace the traps, refill any bait stations and adjust the plan as needed to ensure the mice are completely gone. In case you suspect you have a mice problem in your home, contact today and we will immediately take action.  Get Rid of Mice Fast Now!

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