Fleas are small wingless but agile insects who live by consuming the blood of their hosts. They are external parasites who look for mammals and birds to survive.


Adult fleas grown to about 3mm long and usually brown to dark in colouring. They can flatten their bodies sideways enables fleas to crawl or burrow through the fur or feathers of their hosts hanging on by their strong back claws designed to grasp onto their hosts.

Flea mouths have been adapted to pierce skin and sucking blood and as they lack wings they can jump 50 times their actual body length 18 cm vertically and 33 cm horizontally.
Flea bodies are covered with hard plates known as scierites, which are covered with a multitude of hairs and short spines, directed backwards to assist its movement on the host.

Pet owners in Queensland BEWARE

Fleas love it when its warm, both temperature wise and for living conditions but pet owners should be aware of the risks associated with pets in these hot climates.
The fleas can breed about just everywhere: carpets, rugs, throws, sofas, lounges, inside and outside the home. They will also find their way into furnishings, cracks in the floorboards and upholstered furniture.

Flea eggs and larvae can run rampant; the larvae feed not only on mature adult faeces, which contain dried blood, they also eat organic matter especially in bedding and carpets.

Pets should be regularly groomed.

By grooming and regularly maintaining them especially if they are playing and walking in grasses a suggestion is that you comb the pet with a flea comb. Scratching or biting behaviour by pets is often a hint that they have fleas, and need treatment asap.

A rule of thumb is that fleas can be carried by just about any hairy animal. Because fleas are parasitic, they can leave uncomfortable itches or rashes on skin particularly worrying when the home owner has small children.

Flea bites and what happens if left undisturbed

Flea bites cause a slightly raised swollen itchy red spot to form with a single puncture point at the centre like a mosquito bite surrounded by reddened haloes.

Fleas carry viruses and bacterial diseases, even bubonic plague as well as transmitting host of diseases and even tapeworms.

Undisturbed and without a blood meal, fleas can live for more than 100 days and on average live between two and three months.

The reason fleas are not a more common problem for humans is due to our lack of body hair.

Call Bob 0407 065 413 for end of lease or general pest control 7 days a week.

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Why DIY Pest Control Treatments Do NOT Work…

Hands up those people that drown a cockroach or spider?
That is what usually happens that people will go out and buy treatments off the shelf and don’t read the instructions and give it a little more, just to be sure that they are dead!

If you are nodding as your reading this you are not alone many people do this. This sort of treatment is ineffective as the pests over time have become immune to the chemical or baits and you find that you need to use more chemical to treat the problem with any off the shelf products.

BUT you do this not knowing if this is dangerous practice to you your family or pets thinking by giving an extra spray it is more effective WRONG! Doing DIY can be harmful especially using too much of the product.


What you will find is the pest returns anyway

A1 Pest Control Canberra is fully licensed and keeps up to date with the latest technology and treatments for all pests ensuring our treatments we use is low to non toxic, environmentally friendly treatments which is safe & effective to use around your family and pets.

Call Bob today get a general pest treatment to keep your property pest FREE 0407 065 413

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A1 Pest Control Canberra, Get Rid of Termites, Spiders & Creepy Crawlies

What I love about our pest control company in Canberra is that we are a family owned business that has customers that think enough of us that they write reviews to tell others of their pest control experience that they got from Bob and his team. One of the main things that stand us apart from our competitors is our customer service and how we spend the time to update and educate our customers.

We are an Australian company not sold out to overseas companies like some of our competitors that are playing on the fact that they use to be wholly Australian owned and now owned entirely by overseas companies – which is sad.

Services that we provide:

  • Termite Thermal imaging inspections – access or weather is never a problem
  • Termite barriers with $2million 8 year assurance policy
  • General pest treatment – both family and pet friendly
  • Possum removal
  • European Wasp removal
  • Dead rat removal – with odour bags that don’t mask the smell they absorb the odours
  • Bed Bug detection and removal
  • End of lease – we will even return the key to the agent!

We are there when you need us to be this may mean that you need us to not to disturb your day to day work routine so we will work outside normal 9-5 work hours which is ideal for our e-commence clients.

Customer service is the name of the game and many of our competitors will give a 4-5 hour window of when they will be there. A1 Pest Control Canberra will be there at an appointment time. Also another thing is that all staff has had Police checks.

If we can be of assistance for any pest control needs please call Bob 0407 065 413 or contact us through our website contact form at


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Nothing like the start of spring that makes everything grow and the insects and pests start tobe noticed again.


Termites are the silent pests and you really are not aware that they are around until you see evidence or damage first hand. If you are out in the garden take a look at trees, fence lines or the tree you cut down and left the stump as that is what they love – soft wood. People are under the impression that insurance covers the damage these pests cause and 99% insurance policies DO NOT cover termite damage.

We offer a $2M 8 year assurance policy when we do our termite barriers so definitely worth getting us to inspect and or treat your property as we use only quality treatments


We get a lot of call outs for these pest and if there is one thing I will say is DON’T disturb them at all we have protective clothing and they still manage to sting us. What happens is that when disturbed the whole nest attacks and unlike bees who sting once they sting multiple times.

If your in the garden be careful as European wasps nest can sometimes be underground. We had a nest that was the size of a basketball that we removed last season.


We know that bees are in the news at the moment and we always refer our calls to beekeepers to remove unwanted nests but there are times when bees can not be accessed and they become a risk to humans when they are inside walls and hard to get to places and we need to kill them so that they don’t sting humans and pets.


Like spring cleaning now is a great time to treat your property with a general pest treatment. We get asked about spiders and we can treat those for you and will spray their webs, many people though get a broom after we go to take down the web not thinking the treatment will be active for many weeks to come to new spiders that visit the web. So leave the web up for 3-5 weeks for longer term treatment.

Call Bob 0407 065 413 for all your pest needs or go to our website at


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Building & Timber Pest Inspections Canberra

Building & Timber Pest Inspection. Currently, the greatest investment you will have is to be purchasing a home of your own. However, it can also be one of the most frightening. There are times when no matter how meticulous we are, our lack of understanding about things would lead us to overlooking important factors such as inspecting a house for underlying structural problems,termites, wood rot, water damage, or poor construction quality, are things you require both a building and pest inspection to give you peace of mind.

Purchasing a property is an emotional decision which can sometimes without the right inspec.ctions could end up costing you many thousands of dollars in pin pointing current and future problems.

Building and Timber Pest Inspections

A1 Pest Control Canberra is the answer to your problems we’re ready to work in  conjunction with our preferred building inspectors to conduct a complete and thorough building and timber pest inspection for you. There are four levels of inspection to choose from, and whichever you pick out, we assure you that your investment will be a safe one.

We guarantee to provide you with:

Building Inspection:

  • an extensive building inspection report that abides by the Australian Standards
  • a list of all problems that were uncovered
  • a compilation of precise photos describing defects
  • a list of recommended actions to help you correct these problems
  • a proposal on which trades are prescribed to do the work

Timber Pest Inspection:

  • Comprehensive onsite inspection following the Australian Standard AS4349.3-2010
  • Pinpointing of any and all timber pests
  • Determining wood rot, fungal decay or any other confirmation of infestation in the area
  • Thorough home inspection which involves roof cavity, subfloor, interior of every room, outside house perimeter, fences, outbuildings and trees
  • Complete, elaborate and easy-to-understand inspection report with colored photos

Building and Timber Pest InspectionsAmong the few pest control companies present in Canberra, A1 Pest Control Canberra is pleased to be in the forefront in providing a highly advanced technology for termite detection which is thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging is currently the most stable and dependable tool for termite detection in the pest control industry, diminishing the chances of having unreliable assumptions for any termite infestation. Our thermal camera registers the heat radiated by the termites,  securing that any termite presence can be detected.

We could assure you that all of our building and timber pest inspection reports are well-written, clear, and easy to read and are ready within 48 hours. A full verbal report will also be given to you before the inspector leaves. For  timber pest inspection inquiries please contact A1 Pest Canberra.

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Best Pest Control Canberra

Pest Control CanberraWhen you are dealing with pests you want the best pest control company to be on the other end of the phone when you call..right?

And A1 Pest Control Canberra is the best.  Being in business for 25 plus years treating pests in both residential and commercial properties has our customers rating us as the best in the business.

There are numerous reasons why you should to call us, it could be you are looking for someone that will talk you through and educate you on the pest problem you currently have and to give you advice on how to get the best results from a treatment.

You may need to get us in as you are buying a new home and want the peace of mind to know that house is not housing termites or any other undesirable pests.  This is the biggest money saver as if pest control inspection is not done you may be left to fork out money on expensive repair bills.

There are other reasons to call us perhaps you suspect that you may have an infestation of mice, rats, possums, cockroaches or bedbugs.

This sometimes happens if you have a rental property or have been living away from your home for sometime when you notice droppings or scratching and realise that you are home may have had unwanted visitors move in.

If either one of these are the case, you of course are going to want to the most experienced, reliable and educated in his field of work.

A fully qualified pest control manager is a person that will take pride in his work and will follow up on it.

He or she is a person that will try to educate the home owner as to how to prevent further outbreaks and keep their home or property pest free.

A pest control manager should give you a written quote prior to any work and some sort of guarantee for after he leaves.

The best pest control managers will have their reputations precede them, so listen to word of mouth.

The best pest control managers should be fully versed in both household pests, such as: cockroaches, spiders, mice and bed bugs and know to treat garden pests which would include: subterranean termites, rat’s, possums, bees and wasps.

In addition, the subterranean termite if the home has been infested will also qualify as a household pest.

The best pest control managers will make suggestions about certain sanitary conditions; leave food in sealed containers, filling in cracks and crevices, fixing leaky pipes and repairing window screens and doors.

These are but a few of the tips that the best pest control manager should provide for you.

The first thing however, even prior to receiving these useful tips, is that you will want to speak and meet with the pest control expert to discuss his methods, tools used and most what type of chemicals that he will be utilizing.

Home Pest Control
The very best pest control managers will have already spoken to you in depth concerning your pest problem and how best he is going to tackle it and he should at this time give you a quote and some sort of follow-up guarantee.

Some of the pests that the pest control manager will have to tackle, and I guess I should start with the one that causes the most damage and that would be the subterranean termite.

This is a treatment that a homeowner can tackle; it requires specific equipment such as, thermal cameras and moisture meters and most importantly being properly licensed, insured and educated on the types of chemicals that will be needed.

The next pest that a good pest control expert should easily get a handle on would be bed bugs.

These disgusting creatures that feed upon you at night and carry potential disease are something you definitely want a properly trained pest control manager to handle.

Especially to fully and effectively rid your home of bed bugs you will need a full structural fumigation.

Another filthy insect that at times decides to call your home his home is the cockroach.

These 400 million year old insects are best eradicated with the help of neighbors if you are in an apartment building by using gel baits in all cracks and crevices to keep these creatures that feed on raw sewage and rotting animals from your home.

It is time and energy well spent to find the absolute best pest controller to deal with these annoying and potentially dangerous bugs.

Here are several points are good reasons to want best pest control Canberra:

  1.     We know our products and are experts in pest management
  2.     Dealing with the owner of the business you will see our customer service at its best
  3.     As we use only quality products that are safe to low non-toxic makes it ideal to use around pets and children
  4.     If you require a Termite Inspection rest assured all jobs are attended by fully insured, accredited technicians.
  5.     When called to your property for a thermal imaging inspection you can be assured we use the latest camera and tracking
    technology tools to detect pests early.

And when looking for the Best Pest Control Canberra look no further than the personal attention you will get when calling Bob Waters as he is the best pest control for all general pests and Termite control 0407 065 413

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PPI Canberra

PPI Canberra 

PPI CanberraWhat is expected of the home buyer
Do you need to arrange a PPI? Canberra residents who are considering buying a home need to take a variety of precautions and one of those should be a PPI – that’s a pre-purchase inspection.

Canberra has a healthy termite population and when you’re making such a major investment, you want to know that your new home isn’t going to come with a termite damage repair bill!

Home buyers should arrange for a termite report before committing to a purchase. As your conveyancer or lawyer may tell you, it’s possible to make your offer ‘subject to’ the outcome of the inspection.

Many Canberra suburbs are affected by termites and some suburbs are considered a particularly high risk, so the money spent on a pre-purchase termite inspection can be money well spent.

While there are many different species of termite, it is the subterranean termites that tend to do the most damage in New South Wales. The biggest problem for homeowners is that these termites can travel into the home unseen via underground tunnels.

Once they’re in the home they’re just as difficult to spot – because they attack wood from the inside, where they’re out of view, rather than from the outside. Termite damaged wood can appear perfectly normal on the outside to the untrained eye.

The good news is that your local termite expert has been trained to identify the signs of termite presence. Many termite inspectors now use highly specialized equipment like thermal imaging cameras, moisture detectors and termite radars in the search for termites.

 PPI (pre-purchase inspection) Tips

PPI CanberraTermite experts who have up to date equipment are able to provide a very thorough termite PPI. Canberra homes are in a region where termites are plentiful so if you’re buying a home, the small amount of money you spend on a termite pre-purchase termite inspection might prove very worthwhile if there is evidence of active termites.

A quick pre-purchase of pest inspections is very possible; therefore, even if you’re in a hurry to have your offer accepted or your purchase finalized, don’t rush into a deal without doing your due diligence!

Termite damage can run into the thousands, which makes the $160-360 you might spend on a PPI in Canberra very good value.

And once you’re in your new home, don’t forget to arrange regular termite inspections. If you’re in high-risk suburb, talk to your termite expert about other options that may give your home additional protection.

How do you arrange a PPI? Canberra home buyers can contact termite expert Bob Waters on 0407- 065-413 for more information or to arrange an inspection time.

Here are 5 good reasons why you may want to deal with our firm

  1. You will receive knowledgeable information about your situation or pest management problem
  2. No pushy sales persons forcing you into a treatment you don’t want
  3. We only use the safest low or non-toxic treatments that are pet and child friendly
  4. Your Termite Inspection will be only be carried out with insured, accredited technicians. We carry the latest thermal imaging camera and tracking tools, ensuring that you get the very best and most accurate inspection in the industry.
  5. Your service is guaranteed with our company, with a rock solid, money-back policy if we don’t deliver or keep our promises. That’s what has built our business over the years, and why we keep getting repeat business from our happy clients.

PPI Canberra

Call us today on 0407 065 413 for a friendly chat about your situation or send us a message for a free quote.

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Pest Control Canberra

Pest Control Canberra

Pest Control CanberraSafe Environmental Solutions For You and Your Family.
Looking for a reliable and safe pest control firm that doesn’t charge the earth for its services? Our pest exterminators have been successfully treating Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Bees, and Bed Bugs within Canberra metro area now for a long time now.

The reasons for our success are great services backed up by rock solid warranties, and good old-fashioned customer satisfaction that seems to be lacking now a days.

Our Pest Technicians also give you protection against bees, Fleas, rats, mice Rodents, bird lice often called mites or other garden pests.

Call us today up to 6pm on 0407 065 413, or email Bob at for a free quote and advice.

Spider Infestation Control – Distribution:

Funnel-web spiders are found in:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • The Australian Capital Territory
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania

The funnel webs are mainly occur along the coast and mountain regions from Gladstone in the north to southern Tasmania. Isolated species occur in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, and in the mountains of North Queensland.

Although the Sydney funnel-web spider is found within about 100 km of the city.

Pest Control Tips

In tropical and subtropical regions, spider prefer to thrive in rainforests and areas of higher altitudes. However, in southern states, they also live in drier eucalypt forests and woodlands, as well as snow country.

Pest Control Canberra

Funnel-web spiders are probably the most venomous aggressive spiders in the world.

All funnel web species are lethal to humans, not just the Sydney or Northern tree dweller. If they bite you it is usually a pretty deep injection but even a small grazing bite means get to hospital immediately.

The Sydney Funnel-web constructs its own burrow, which may be over a foot deep or uses a suitable crevice in rocks or round house foundations. Sometimes, Funnel-webs may be found in colonies of over a hundred.

The webs are white and often tubular rather than funnel-like with supporting lines running out to surrounding rocks and debris.

The spiders may take several years to reach maturity and live for perhaps 8 years or longer. When mature, the males leave their webs and lead a homeless existence.

They tend to roam and often enter homes particularly during summer after a heavy downpour of rain. They mate with a female for only one season and if not killed shortly after mating, die within a few months.

This spider is one of Australia’s largest and most easily identified. The body of a female Sydney Funnel-web spider measures about 35mm in length and the male about 25mm.

The paired spinnerets at the end of the abdomen are particularly long, much longer than those of other large dark spiders.

The male is of a more delicate build than the female and has 2 features, which help identification. One is a little spur half way along its second leg on each side and the other is a finely pointed feeler to transfer sperm to the female.

Pest Control CanberraBoth sexes are very aggressive and when approached, will rear up into a ready to strike position. Their massive fangs can penetrate a child’s fingernail.

However, most people bitten by them are not injected with sufficient venom to cause any illness.

Often it falls off the tips of the spider’s fangs as it makes a preliminary downward thrust. People bitten by the female may at the most suffer pain around the bitten area.

The venom of the male is 5 times more toxic than the female. Man and monkeys seem to be especially susceptible to the venom.

For example, rabbits can be given very large doses of the venom with no apparent effect but a small dose injected into a monkey produces the terrifying symptoms seen in humans.

In all cases where the victim has died, and in which the spider has been positively identified, it has been a male spider.

The venom contains a low molecular weight toxin called atraxtoxin, which attacks the nerves of the body causing thousands of electrical impulses to be fired down them. The muscles twitch and there is a profuse flow of perspiration, tears and saliva.

The venom also causes changes to blood vessels, which can lead to shock and coma due to brain damage. All the evidence suggests that the effects wear off after a few hours.

Provided the victim reaches hospital before serious illness has developed, he or she has an excellent chance of recovery. An antivenom to the venom of the Sydney Funnel-web spider became available in 1980.

Pest status and management

Funnel-web spider venom is highly toxic, and all species should be considered potentially dangerous. Males wander at night, especially during or after rain, and may enter houses.

Bites by males of two large species, the Sydney funnel-web and northern tree funnel-web, have resulted in death. You need to follow the advice below.

If you are in a known funnel-web area:

  • wear gloves when gardening
  • know what a burrow looks like and stay away
  • wear shoes when walking
  • if camping close tent flaps
  • carefully shake out shoes before use, any footwear, clothes and sleeping bags left on the ground overnight, as the spiders hide during the day.

Email me for more information about pest control  at or call 0407 065 413

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