Homes in Canberra and surrounding areas are extremely vulnerable to attacks from foraging termites. Termites are located in most backyards, nesting in gum trees, tree stumps, retaining walls, or any embedded timber. From their nest, they build an elaborate network of subterranean tunnels, normally a half a foot under the ground in search of timber.

The worker termites use their large jaws to cut and scrape the timber into small pieces to digest. As they walk back to their nest, the timber is changed to soluble sugars by a special enzyme in their guts. Once they arrive at the nest, they regurgitate these sugars to feed the colony and the juvenile termites located in the nursery.

Termites view your home as a highly desirable restaurant where the food is free and there’s plenty of it. Here you can see the foraging termites have travelled under pavers as they enter the structure. We usually find termites under pavers, concrete paths and driveways.







They build their tunnels horizontally along the ground, right up to the footings of the house. Once they hit the slab edge or footings, they will travel left or right, looking for a concealed entry point. These concealed entry points are usually a small gap in the mortar between the bricks embedded below the ground.

Sometimes the termites will build a mud lead out of the ground, over the slab edge, or into a weep-hole to gain entry into your home.  Quite commonly, the largest leads are found in the sub-floor under the house. It’s dark and an ideal environment for termites.

To stop these kinds of infestations, we strongly recommend installing a chemical treatment around the base of your home. These days we have a selection of highly effective and safe chemicals that were only dreamt about a few years go.

A1 Pest Control Canberra uses only the best performing termicide and refuses to use any generic brands. We are a fully accredited applicator for Termidor and it works to eliminate the colony that is attacking your house. Once we have done a complete appraisal or inspection of your home, and listened to your concerns, our experienced technicians will recommend the chemical most appropriate for your structure.

Once you have made the very wise decision to protect your home from termites, you naturally want to know if it will be installed properly by a professional and trustworthy company.

A1 Pest Control Canberra, we have the experience and expertise to install a chemical treatment to the highest possible standard. Here is how your treatment will be installed.

Firstly, a trench is dug down into the footing that this brick wall is sitting on. As we explained before, most concealed entry points for termites happen in this zone. Once the soil has been dug and placed along the trench, it is ready to hand pour the chemical.

The chemical is applied in layers to ensure the soil is saturated completely. The quality of the soil is very important to endues the chemical is absorbed and distributed evenly. In a matter of a few hours, Termidor will bond strongly to the soil and will not be prone to leaching with heavy rains. This gives us the confidence this product will stay in the zone to give you continuous protection.

Once the chemical has been completely applied to the trench, the boys will level the soil, ready for a layer of stones or cypress bark to be laid on top. Often we are praised for the wonderful landscaping we do when installing a treatment.

If the pavers around your home can be lifted, then they will be lifted in preparation for a chemical treatment.

A great option that A1 Pest Control Canberra can offer, is the installation of the Altis Reticulation System. This is a specially designed tube that has remitters embedded to guarantee even flow to replenish the chemical treatment at a later time.

Most homes will have an area where concrete has been laid up against the structure. For structures that have a problematic termite infestation, we sometimes suggest to cut and lift a strip of concrete along the perimeter to allow us to dig a trench.  This is the ultimate way to install a chemical treatment, but it is a lot of work and very expensive,

The majority of homes can adequately be treated by drilling and injecting the chemical under the concrete with an injection rod.  For most treatments, we use a 12mm drill bit. For some treatments, we might suggest to use a smaller drill bit to fit between the grout of the tiles.

At A1 Pest Control Canberra, we always want to give the homeowner options to allow the best possible finish. This is why many customers select the extra service of Diamond Cutting when they have expensive riles or surfaces areas. It is a skilled and time-consuming task but the excellent finish is worth it.

The chemical is applied through each hole by inserting an injecting rod and pumping the chemical under pressure. The technician tries to apply 100 litres per every ten meters. To ensued the chemical does not escape from the nearby holes, 
A1 Pest Control Canberra 
use a special plastic plugs to stop this happening.  Once the pumping is finished, the holes re ready to be sealed. All our technicians take a lot of pride in the final finish and work hard to colour match the special mortar to have a near perfect finish.

If you have a subfloor area under your house, it is important to treat these soiled areas. As mentioned before, termites easily bridge out of the ground and build leads into a house. It’s normally not a fun place to work but it is vital to install a chemical treatment along all of the brick footings and concrete stumps.

The technician will prepare a shallow trench by hand digging and then apply the chemical. Once the chemical has been applied, it is important not to disturb the treatment and not to stack personal items up against the walls.


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A1 Pest Control Canberra Termite Inspection, Termite Barriers – Queanbeyan

A1 Pest Control Canberra experts at termite inspection, termite barriers and all general pests in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding areas.

The sprawl of both Canberra and Queanbeyan nearly has both cities touching toe to toe.  Our team at A1 are over the border to Queanbeyan NSW daily and have a number of our staff life in the NSW border town.

As the bush capital has seen a huge increase in the number of properties that termites have attacked it is time to be proactive and to be more vigilant with termite inspections.

The inspections should be done on an annual basis as part of your maintenance plan. There are 2 types of inspections that are done:

1: Visual inspection requiring the technician to look for physical signs with his knocking tool and moisture meter and visual signs of sawdust and mud tracks providing that he can gain access to roof voids and underneath the property.

2: Thermal imaging and T3i cameras can pick up body heat, moisture and movement. The technology used can also see in behind walls for leaking plumbing issues and some electrical faults. Space restriction is not a problem as the operator will just need to point the instrument at the inspected area and get his reading.

For either of these inspections please call our team on 0407 065 413
or visit our website at

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Yes I said pest owners because you are caring for and feeding pests without knowing it!

People are under the impression that pests are seasonal which some pests are of course as they use the colder months to breed and will immerge with their young in spring and summer.

BUT the pests that I am talking about is termites who can happily munch away throughout the different seasons undisturbed and doing a lot of damage before they are discovered. It’s usually when you see physical signs that just do not look right like the bubbling of paintwork or touching solid surfaces that are now spongy OR you could see sawdust on the floorboards that first alert you that you now have a termite problem.

The trouble is that people as a general rule are reactive rather than proactive with their pest control meaning that they wait for a problem then treat it. This sort of reactive treatment is more expensive because if you are waiting to see signs it means that there is already costly damage to woodwork done and its not until you have a termite inspection that you can then add up the cost of the repair.

Include annual termite inspection as part of your general maintenance to keep you pest free.
Call our team on 0407 065 413


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Being a landlord is rewarding as property values increase around Canberra and I know that many landlords depend on feedback from property managers to make them aware of any pending maintenance issues..

PEST CONTROL definitely comes under the maintenance banner as having regular general inspections will protect your property against infestations by general pests or from causing property damage from termites.


Getting near the end of the financial year is a great time to book in any general pest control, termite inspection or termite barriers if termites are found. Its a claimable expense for investment properties.


– termite inspection either visual or thermal imaging
– chemical termite barriers if termites are found
– general pest all the creepy crawlies, cockroach, spiders etc
– mice/rat baiting this time of year they head indoors
– possum removals are one of our biggest call outs this time of

Call Bob 0407 065 413 or email


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Termite Treatments – Don’t Pay Too Much

As a business of course we will charge you for our services but there is a BIG difference to paying for one of our services and paying through the nose.

Only last week we called out to quote on a termite barrier and another pest company do a quote on bait stations before I tell you the cost I need for you to know the difference between the two treatments.


Bait stations is when the pest control manager places the barriers in the ground with wood in the barriers to attract the termites and then check the barriers every 12 weeks to see if there are any termites that have been attracted to the stations.

Termite Barriers are when we dig a trench and dig 200 mm out from the footings and 70mm wide x 100mm deep if there are concrete paths we drill holes 12mm holes 200 apart and then add Termidor.

This protects the whole property and we give 8 years 2 million assurance against termites coming back in that time which I think gives anyone peace of mind.

Back to my story, Bob attended a property in Ainslie a suburb of Canberra and found live termites in both the fence line and they had built mud tracks into the home eating away at a new bathroom and we prepared a report that had our plan of treating the termites and laying down the barrier.

The homeowner was given our quotation and he nearly fell over as our quote was $6,000 less than the quote for given for the bait stations! That is a huge difference in the cost, needless to say we got the job.

*It is in our opinion that bait stations that we have seen that are installed are rarely get checked leaving your property unprotected and giving you a false sense of security as you can see the bait stations, whereas the termite barriers is more cost effective using quality chemicals and giving the property owner 8 year 2 million dollar assurance gives the home owner peace of mind and is a more cost effective method in dealing with termites.

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