Do You Need A Possum Catcher?


Come winter we get called and asked “I can here scratching, gnawing and running around in the roof – can you help me?”

We can tell what is bothering you by looking at the droppings.

There are some people that just throw a handful of bait up in the void but you maybe heading for a fine if it’s possums you are baiting and killing as possums are protected.

After we identify we can go about putting out locked rodent boxes that children or pets can’t get into. And the rodents can’t help themselves it’s like us with Tim Tams we can’t just have one we come back for another nibble and PRESTO your problem is gone.


When we put the baits down the rodents will get curious and it may take a few days for them to wander into the locked boxes but they will go in there after a few days.

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As the weather cools and Easter is around the corner and the kids are due to be on holidays this is what we have found that generally happens in Canberra we get 2 types of pests predominately over this time which I will explain below.


Homeowners that live in close proximity to schools the rodents when the kids are on holidays and no longer throwing their food scraps on the ground the rodents venture to your home looking for a free feed and to also to shelter from the weather.

This will also be a pest in the newer suburbs as the grounds have been cleared to make way for housing and the rodents again look for somewhere to live and feed.


Possums can be a problem all year round but this time of year they go and seek under the cloak of night a broken roof tile or entry to your home usually through your roof through unsealed air-conditioner unit to also shelter but they are looking for somewhere to nest in the coming months.

Another fact is that possums travel with their mate. There is never just one possum caught its always two.

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5 EASY Proven Tips to Keep PESTS Out Of Your Home TODAY!

Let’s face it pests are the unwanted guests in your home and there is nothing like to see evidence that they have visited you by their droppings to make you squirm at the thought that they are eating and vomiting on your food source.
Pest spread disease and can make you very sick or even become life threatening if you do not get rid of them.

Prevention is always easier than cure so let me share what I know that works is that you need to not tempt the pests in the first place by not giving them a reason to drop by your home in the first place.

Do you remember your mother saying cleanliness is next to Godliness? This really applies also to pest prevention.



Cockroaches rely on water and warmth and this encourages their presence behind freezers, fridges and cookers, where they are often undisturbed.

Rodents spread disease through contamination of food or utensils with rodent faeces or urine. Life threatening diseases such as Salmonella or Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis.

Fleas are a type of wingless parasite found worldwide. They feed off the blood of humans and animals such as dogs and cats. Since fleas use a wide range of hosts, diseases can be transferred from one host to another.

Are world travelers – returning from an overseas trip you may bring home more souvenirs than you want, but you may not even have to leave home to come across bed bugs you may stay in a hotel that has had a tourist stay in the same room and the bed bugs hide as they wait for the new guests to arrive!

Bed bugs need blood hosts to continue their life cycle and will gorge on your blood at night and you will wake to blood spots on your sheets and may have an allergic reaction to their bites.

Termites do not physically hurt you but they will do structural damage and hurt your hip pocket to replace the beams, doorways and windows that they eat through. Most insurance policies will not cover the damage that they do which could be many thousands of dollars.




  • Don’t leave dishes on the kitchen bench or in the sink.
  • Empty rubbish bins and store the bins away from the kitchen door, as this is an invite to go inside.
  • Sweep the floors regularly to sweep up traces of food and crumbs.
  • Open packets of anything will attract pests; keep open foodstuffs in a glass jar preferably with a lid. All contents of opened packets are an invite to rodents who will gnaw at the packet or the cockroach can make their way in packets that are just folded over.
  • Get leaky taps fixed, as this is the water source for the pest; leave a plug in sinks to stop entry via drains.
  • Plug holes with steel wool to deter rodent entry


One of the most worrying things with pests is that normally you will not see them as they come out to eat while you’re asleep and the house is quiet. If you are seeing either cockroaches or mice during the day you have a plague, which is a lot harder to treat and to break their breeding cycles – you will need a fully licensed Pest Control professional immediately.

Giveaway clues that you have pests:

  • Look for droppings near appliances as pests like warm areas to congregate to eat and breed.
  • Cockroach pupae in food areas or look for empty casings, which means they have hatched, and you will have a bigger problem.
  • If you are waking up itchy with blood spots on your sheets and have red bites this could either mean you have bed bugs or fleas as both need blood hosts (you) to continue their life cycle.
  • Saw dust on the floorboards or dropping near a hole or crevice big enough for a mouse to get in and out.
  • Touching windows and or door frames you find that they have been eaten out and are now hollow.
  • Fine dust appears on the floor boards could indicate termites or borers.

5 EASY Proven Tips to Keep PESTS Out Of Your Home TODAY!


  1. Cleanliness is the key here keep the food sources kept away and washed up and or kept in the dishwasher. Empty garbage bins regularly and don’t have bins close to the kitchen door.
  2. Keep foodstuffs in pantries in sealed containers.
  3. Look for new access areas by give away signs
  4. Identify pests quickly and remember if you are seeing cockroaches or mice during the day you have a BIG problem too big for you to treat on your own you need professional pest control help ASAP.
  5. If you have had installed air conditioning installed checked that around the piping that has been sealed, as this is a common entry point for rodents. Stuff steel wool into the hole to deter entry.


Following the many tips given above will help keep your home pest free but if you are not winning the war against the pests mentioned and due to their quick breeding cycles it does not take long to have an out of control situation. If the problem is not going away:

Call Bob on 0407 065 413A1 Pest Control Canberra

He can give you safe family and pet friendly treatments that are effective and long lasting.

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Over these last 2 weeks we have been getting more call outs for termites and that is a good thing as no longer people are chancing it with a visual image and are insisting on thermal imagery for more accurate reports.

Let’s face it, the human eye can not see inside beams and posts and many times pest control managers can not get on top of the roof due to wet weather or hard to crawl in spaces and they write this on their reports. BUT tell me how do you know that the very spots that were not checked did not contain the termites you wanted to discover before they did damage.

You see with thermal image camera it also can pick up moisture which is a food source for the termite and this could save you as a intended buyer to see this as a plumbing problem before you sign on the dotted line.

Although Bob and his team do visual and thermal imagery inspections thermal is by far the more thorough of the 2:
– detects body heat of the termite
– movement
– moisture within walls and your roof.

Please call Bob 0407 065 413 for all your pest inspections.

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A1 Pest Control Canberra, Get Rid of Termites, Spiders & Creepy Crawlies

What I love about our pest control company in Canberra is that we are a family owned business that has customers that think enough of us that they write reviews to tell others of their pest control experience that they got from Bob and his team. One of the main things that stand us apart from our competitors is our customer service and how we spend the time to update and educate our customers.

We are an Australian company not sold out to overseas companies like some of our competitors that are playing on the fact that they use to be wholly Australian owned and now owned entirely by overseas companies – which is sad.

Services that we provide:

  • Termite Thermal imaging inspections – access or weather is never a problem
  • Termite barriers with $2million 8 year assurance policy
  • General pest treatment – both family and pet friendly
  • Possum removal
  • European Wasp removal
  • Dead rat removal – with odour bags that don’t mask the smell they absorb the odours
  • Bed Bug detection and removal
  • End of lease – we will even return the key to the agent!

We are there when you need us to be this may mean that you need us to not to disturb your day to day work routine so we will work outside normal 9-5 work hours which is ideal for our e-commence clients.

Customer service is the name of the game and many of our competitors will give a 4-5 hour window of when they will be there. A1 Pest Control Canberra will be there at an appointment time. Also another thing is that all staff has had Police checks.

If we can be of assistance for any pest control needs please call Bob 0407 065 413 or contact us through our website contact form at


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Nothing like the start of spring that makes everything grow and the insects and pests start tobe noticed again.


Termites are the silent pests and you really are not aware that they are around until you see evidence or damage first hand. If you are out in the garden take a look at trees, fence lines or the tree you cut down and left the stump as that is what they love – soft wood. People are under the impression that insurance covers the damage these pests cause and 99% insurance policies DO NOT cover termite damage.

We offer a $2M 8 year assurance policy when we do our termite barriers so definitely worth getting us to inspect and or treat your property as we use only quality treatments


We get a lot of call outs for these pest and if there is one thing I will say is DON’T disturb them at all we have protective clothing and they still manage to sting us. What happens is that when disturbed the whole nest attacks and unlike bees who sting once they sting multiple times.

If your in the garden be careful as European wasps nest can sometimes be underground. We had a nest that was the size of a basketball that we removed last season.


We know that bees are in the news at the moment and we always refer our calls to beekeepers to remove unwanted nests but there are times when bees can not be accessed and they become a risk to humans when they are inside walls and hard to get to places and we need to kill them so that they don’t sting humans and pets.


Like spring cleaning now is a great time to treat your property with a general pest treatment. We get asked about spiders and we can treat those for you and will spray their webs, many people though get a broom after we go to take down the web not thinking the treatment will be active for many weeks to come to new spiders that visit the web. So leave the web up for 3-5 weeks for longer term treatment.

Call Bob 0407 065 413 for all your pest needs or go to our website at


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I Hate to Mention it BUT..

I am purely bringing termites up for you to think about as not all pests come out in summer only termites are all year around. On a daily walk I spotted a tree that has fallen down in a school that tree has laid there a couple of years now and the kids play on it.

I noticed today that it is showing signs of termites who have moved in to make it their home.

If you throw timber under the house or had an add on and the builders have thrown it under your house you have provided the ideal environment for your termite guests.

You may not of thought about it much but left undisturbed the cost of a termite barrier is cheap against the home that needs major renovations done to replace supporting beams and timbers in your home.

If you are in the Curtin area and you saw 2 of our trucks there we were installing a termite barrier as the property had termites. Termites will then move to another home in the same street?

We have seen termites not go next door they may go 2 doors down or across the street one street on the Northside 5 homes were treated for termites.

Call Bob 0407 065 413 or

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Russian Roulette With Termites

With termites it is really unpredictable where they will show up next for instance your home may back onto a reserve and you have a few trees that are near the fence line that is on government land the termites maybe in the tree and you don’t even notice them there.

They may get bored and then move camp to your fence or garden borders without you even knowing and gradually make their way to your home all undetected.

When selling your home you will need to have a pest and termite inspection done and you call in A1 Pest Control Canberra who detect the termites and start the chase out first before placing the barriers in and here is where it gets interesting.

The termites are homeless they could go to your neighbours place next door or they can go 5 doors down there is no telling where they will turn up this is where the roulette comes into it.



There are 2 sorts of prospective buyers one is the one that will run to the hills with the mention of termites as they know that they hate the thought of sharing their homes with them OR there is the prospective buyer that will want to beat you down with the price your asking for your property.


Thermal image inspection shows up movement, body heat of termites and damp areas of your home that termites source out to live.

With a thermal image inspection there is no limitations unlike visual inspections where you can not get access to certain areas, or the weather does not permit you going onto a roof.

Book a termite inspection TODAY call Bob 0407 065 413

This thermal image shows the cool/damp areas in a wall ideal conditions for the termites that are detected.

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Carpenter Ant Removal

Pest ControlCarpenter ant removal from your home is best left to the experts that are properly trained in this field.  There are however, some suggestions you can do on your own.  I would like to review a few with you and leave the final decision up to you, if the time and energy is worth it to do by yourself or to have a professional exterminator come in and do the job more efficiently .

The first thing you would need to do is inspect your home, from roof to basement and everywhere in between, in search of the nest (also known as “galleries”) of the carpenter ants.  Unless you locate the nest, any pest control treatment used is rendered a waste of time.  Carpenter ants are usually nocturnal pests, and it is recommended to search for these nests at dawn (just before the sun rises) or in the evening (earliest should be one hour after sunset).  I can only think of a million things that I would rather be doing during those hours than looking for carpenter ants.  Will someone please explain to me, how I am supposed to find these galleries in the dark?!

Here is another one of my favorite tips that I came across: since carpenter ants are attracted to food, “they” (the people with the bright ideas) tell me to wipe crumbs off the counter top and sweep the kitchen floor after every meal.  Heck! My momma was telling me that for years! That is not a “carpenter ant removal tip”; it is common sense and good hygiene.

Maybe you were unable to find the home base or “galleries” of these ants, but you have seen the ants.  I tried to sprinkle some baby powder in the area that these ants were seen, all I got was white paw prints all over my house, as the cat found the powder before the ants did.  Some other suggestions to sprinkle around your home to repel these ants are salt; grounds of coffee (used I hope I’m not wasting good coffee on ants!); instant grits (am I supplying these pests with a complete breakfast?).

 Carpenter Ant Removal tips

You can drown carpenter ants by pouring boiling hot water down an ant hole and I’m not talking about just a little bit – 11 litres!! This sounds dangerous and impossible to do in my mind.  The other option to pour into “galleries” is water (not boiling) blended with peels from a type of citrus fruit.  I am not sure of the effectiveness of this method of carpenter ant removal, but at least your home will smell citrusy fresh.

Did you know that carpenter ants will not cross a line of petroleum jelly?  Ok, wait just a moment while I line the border of my home with greasy goo!  On second thought, this is ridiculous – I’m heading directly to the phone to call a professional that specializes in the irradiation of carpenter ants and putting away all of the alleged do-it-yourself solutions.

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Termite Removal

Termite Removal for Suburban Australian Homes

Termite RemovalTermites are tiny, but will cause a great deal of damage in a short amount of time that will cost you a great deal of money, if not treated and removed by a trained professional.  Get the best advice on termite removal from the experts who have various options that they can offer to discuss with you to ensure you have all of the options.

What’s involved in termite removal?

There are several techniques available to remove a termite invasion in your home.  First of all the type (species) of termite needs to be identified and their central location and the depth of the invasion will determine the technique best fitted for your particular situation.  Termites are tiny and are rarely seen with the naked eye, as they dine on wood from the inside out.

Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites are usually the species that get into your home via a tunnel that they built under the earth.  They travel (through these homemade tunnels) from your home to theirs (known as colonies).  Colonies are located away from your home, so a complete removal  requires more than a lethal spray in a central location.  A termite inspection will also make it a priority to find and kill the colony of it.

How is this accomplished?

Bait boxes are used to attract the termites and then dusting the area with a product that will not kill it immediately – it is designed so that the termites will bring the poison back to colony.

This technique has been proven to be highly effective, because of the grooming habits of termites, and the fact that when the termites that are initially infected begin to die, the remaining termites eat them, and in turn digest the poison themselves.

In conjunction with this strategy, a barrier of chemicals is placed in the soil surrounding your home.  This chemical is not detected by termites, so instead of avoiding it, they walk through the poison and once again carry it back to their colony.

Can termite removal be done by the home owner?

IMAG0188-1024x61336It is not recommended that you undertake this task on your own, termite removal should always be done by a trained professional.  Not only are termites a challenge to be located, but some of the chemicals used by pest controllers can only be used by a pest controller that is properly licensed in the field and also carries termite inspection tools.

Here are 5 good reasons why you may want to deal with our firm:

  1. You will receive knowledgeable and friendly information about your situation or pest management problem
  2. No pushy sales person will force you to purchase a treatment you don’t need or don’t want.
  3.  Our treatments are child and house pet friendly, as we only use non or very low toxic treatments.
  4. Your Termite Inspection will only be carried out by an accredited and insured professional and friendly technician. We use the latest tracking tools and thermal imaging cameras, ensuring that you get the very best and most accurate inspection in the industry.

We guarantee our service by our rock solid, money-back policy if we don’t deliver or keep our promises. That’s what has built our business over the years, and why we keep getting repeat business from our happy clients.

Call Bob today on 0407 065 413 for a friendly chat about your termite removal situation where we will be happy to provide you with a free quote.

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A1 Pest Control Canberra

A1 Pest Control Canberra

Pest Control


Our speciality is in pests such as bed bugs, spiders, bees, wasps, cockroaches and termites.

Ring Bob on 0407 065 413 or email


Have you got a pest as problem and not sure who to ring? We are here to give you solutions to your pest problems no matter where you live in Canberra or surrounding areas our team will be there for you.


We pride ourselves on providing solutions to customers and business owners by applying low non- toxic chemicals to our treatments and we respect mother nature by being environmentally friendly when using any of our chemicals and closely follow all OH&S safety principles.


My brother Bruce Gow started our family pest control company called and he along with our family has helped build the business up to what it is today by providing excellent customer care both before and following treatments.


In fact as we have always worked in the family pest control business in way one or another and knowing we offer a superior service is the main reason that persuaded us to start up a sister company A1 Pest Control Canberra.


Both Bob and I have lived and worked in Canberra since 1982 and now live in Curtin where we still have family in Rivett, Queanbeyan, Calwell and Belconnen and as we are locals are aware of the problems that can plague of Canberra and surrounding areas.



Pest Control

Most importantly we know how to get rid of the pest problem using low or non toxic chemicals that are safe to use in an around your home, family or business.


Before we leave your home or office you will be given information on follow up procedures for some of the pests we treat as a precautionary measure to ensure that your pest problem is solved once and for all.


We are fiercely proud Australian family owned and run pest control business. Both Bob, I and our team have come from customer service backgrounds so we know that our customers are gold.


A1 Pest Control Canberra is our business you can expect when you ring or email us that you will talk directly to the very person who will come to your home or business to treat your pest problem.


Compared to being directed to a call centre that are not even Canberra based.


You will find that all our staff hold current pest licenses and insurance and are all fully trained and qualified pest control technicians that hold top secret clearances for your peace of mind. We happily service all of Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding areas of ACT, Australia.


For the most up to date information email our team at who will be happy to offer free on the spot advice to help you with your pest problem. When you do have a problem get instant advice on 0407 065 413.


Our clients range from both residential to commercial properties and include clients include eWAY, Federal, State and Local Departments, Peter Blackshaw Realestate Gunghalin, Spackman Realestate Queanbeyan, Meals on Wheels, Motels and Restaurants, Transfield Services, NSW Housing, Clubs and Pubs.


Problems with termites?


We help prevent your pest problem job from becoming a nightmare. As we take pride in our environment and only use low to non-toxic products to banish the pests that are creating havoc in either your home or commercial property. We ensure that we consult with you and advise you of the best plan of action to not only treat the problem but for ongoing treatment with the most up to date products to keep your property free from the damage that termites can do.


Email at for professional friendly and informative advice on any pest problems you may have, or call 0407 065 413 for quick attention with supreme customer service for all of Canberra, Queanbeyan and towns that surround ACT.


Safe For You and Your Family


With our Sentricon baits and Termidor termite treatments will fix chronic termite infestations safely where other systems have failed dismally.


Our team only use the most effective products and that is why we recommend without doubt Granitgard and also TermX for pre-construction protection of your residence or commercial property. Granitgard is non-toxic & TermX is low-toxic.


Refer to our website for further information under the heading of “Termite Irrigation” which is commonly identified as reticulation/replenishment for long lasting termite protection of your residential or commercial property.


We pride our self that our operators are fully licensed, and we are compliant with all OH&S regulations and procedures. Our team use hi-tech and offer economic solutions to your pest problems.

For Peace of Mind:


Our technicians have all had:

  • police checks and do not have criminal records this means that they are trusted in and around your home or business
  • the technicians have been screened and carry secret security clearances to enter government buildings. This level of screening involves another level of security and peace of mind.


Your time is precious:


What makes dealing with our company different from the rest is the fact that we know your busy and that is why we make an appointment at a time to suit you. If you say you want us to come to your place at 9.00 am we will be there at this time, whereas many others will give you a 3-4 hour time frame when they will be there.


Other reasons you may consider us for your next treatment:

  • We are affordable licensed pest control experts we know how to fix your problem fast as we know what we are doing
  • Caring about the environment we use only low-non toxic chemicals
  • By educating you on the pests that we have treated we minimise the likelihood of pests returning
  • We are on time every time
  • You have the choice of female technician who also has a security clearance

I hope this added information convinces you to call us for all of your pest problems around the home and business. Ring Bob 0407 065 413 today.

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