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Trap Possums

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Possum Control: How to Trap Possums?

Almost every home owner who encounters possums in their compound finds them a great nuisance. Possums are known to rummage through garbage cans and steal the food you leave for your pets. Even though it can be a bit tricky to get rid of possums, with a little perseverance you can be able to convince the backyard possum to move elsewhere.In order to effectively get rid of opossums, it is always important to first understand their habits.

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Possum Traps

As possums are a protected species in ACT and NSW it is illegal to catch or entrap possums without a current Possum Trappers license. Possums are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1980 and it is illegal for an unauthorised person to trap or harm them. Trapping, removing or killing a possum without a licence carries severe penalties.

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