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What Are Termite Barriers?

If you are building a new property or planning to extend or renovate your house, you need to include barriers on your list. There is a mandatory building code in Canberra that states that you need to have termite barriers installed for these kinds of works.

Termites do not choose between new or old houses. They will enter your property when given the chance. Just a small crack or opening in your wall will be enough for them to start their invasion. Termite damages can be costly and they can even be harmful to our families health. That is why installing barriers is necessary to protect you and your property from these pests.

Physical barriers are materials installed into the structure of your home or building to block termites and prevent them from entering your property. These barriers are designed to give structures long-term protection against termites.

Two types of termite barriers

  1. Physical barriers – these are materials put in your property that can prevent termites from entering your property. These are physical barriers like brands Kordon, Homeguards and treatments like T2 Timbers.
  2. Chemical barriers – these are liquid chemicals applied into the soil either under concrete flooring or around the border of the foundation of your property. It creates an area of treated soil that is good for many years. You can still use chemical barriers even after construction. It will just require trenching and concrete drilling. This is best when you want to be one step ahead in protecting your property for termite infestations.

Why do you need to install termite barriers?

termite barriers

Termite barriers are designed to give your property long-term protection. Depending on the type of barrier and when they are installed, some of them can last up to 20 years. Not only will you able to save your property and money from unforeseen termite damages, but it will also give you peace of mind just by knowing you are protected.

Consider getting barriers during pre-construction if you are building a new house with a slab-on-ground foundation, you are living in high-risk termite areas or you have a property made with termite prone materials. It is always best to have preventive measures when dealing with termites since they can cause damage to your property without you noticing the early signs.  

At A1 Pest Control Canberra, we work alongside Canberra and NSW top builders to install barriers and products, and we consistently deliver quality service across all construction projects.

BASF Termidor is the product we use we use because it has an 8 year $2M warranty against termite. A deal that no other company will give.

But then again as termite professionals, we know one size does not fit all. Our professional technicians are trained to choose the best barrier for your property. We have pre-construction barrier solutions for new projects and we also have you covered whether you are doing an extension or renovation for your house.

A1 Pest Control Canberra provides the right barrier and termite management plan for you. Call us now 0407 065 413.

Need help identifying termites?

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