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Why You Need a Termite Barrier? Are Swarmers Termites?

A Termite Barrier can be a physical barrier that is installed underneath and/or around pipe penetrations. This is done during the construction process and is thoroughly planned to fit the design and lay-out of your home or building.

A Barrier offers you long-term protection from termites, without needing regular chemical treatment.

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Why is the Termite Barrier so Effective at Eliminating Termites?

A Termite Barrier practically solves your future termite problems before they happen. Because it is a physical barrier that is built into your home or building, you are securing your property and keeping it safe from termite infestation.

In the odd case where termites (from outside) make their way into your property, the Barrier has a sure way of quickly spotting infiltration. There is an assigned perimeter inspection zone, which is the only way termites can get into your property. You can quickly spot and eliminate termites, in these cases.

Types of Termite Barriers

There are two main types of termite barrier that are commonly used: chemical barriers and physical barriers. They are designed to work in different ways, and homes often use both types of barrier to ensure that they stop most termites from entering and destroying property.

Physical Barriers

Often when a new building is being constructed, a physical barrier is laid down under or around the foundations or under the concrete slab so termites cannot enter the building that way.

A physical barrier is usually made of fine corrosive proof webbing with holes that are too small for termites to go through. The only way termites can enter the building is by going around the barrier and exposing themselves on the surface. This can be seen by the mud tubes they build to keep themselves moist and safe from predators.

Chemical Barriers

Chemical termite barriers are installed by specially trained termite control technicians who dig a trench around your property and any affected area using a chemical to stop the termites. There are several types of chemicals used, either they are designed to kill the termites, or repel them.

The chemical poisons used are designed to be eaten or taken back to the colony as food for the rest of the colony effectively killing them where they live, This may be close by or possibly in the neighboring property.

Many properties, especially the older properties that had physical barriers installed during construction are now using both types of barrier. Sometimes these barriers are used in conjunction with bait stations depending on the particular needs of a property.

Are Swarmers Termites?

Swarmers, also known as alates, are the reproductive members of a termite colony. Unlike worker or soldier termites, they have two pairs of large, pale wings.

Because of their appearance, people often confuse them with flying ants.

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Swarmers do not bite, sting, or eat wood; their only purpose is to leave the colony during the swarming season to find mates and establish new colonies through reproduction.

Termite swarmers found inside your home are usually symptomatic of an existing infestation.

Killing the swarmers themselves will not eliminate any established termite colonies inside or near your home.

In fact, using over-the-counter aerosols to spray swarmers might damage or stain building materials and will result in a difficult-to-clean mess. Therefore, we do not recommend trying to spray the swarmers yourself.

Instead, contact A1 Pest Control Canberra to help you remove them. Hurry and call us now on 0407 065 413.

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