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Local Business Awards Finalist 2023
Get a FREE On-The-Spot Pest Advice With Your Pest Problems
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Horror Termite Stories

Did you know that the termite Queen produces 30,000 live termites per day? And in 6 months can eat away supporting beams of a house?

It was once said that termite are seasonal and are mostly around in the warmer months but today they have adapted to the colder months and now termites are a threat to Canberra property owners all year around.

It’s sad though that when a customer rings in to have a termite inspection and mentions the street that they are in, already we know that the risk is high that they will possibly have termites as we have already treated another 4 homes in that same street alone.


Chisholm home renovation pulled off the sheeting and found extensive termite damage, the termites were no longer active and the owner wanted to have an inspection before the renovation.

We found the termite had moved to juicier timber in the roof had these not been found the new renovation would have gone up and the termite would have had new soft timber to attack again.


Imagine you see a little saw dust on the ground and sending your partner up into the roof and he touches the supporting beam and it disintegrates in his hands, he is now too scared to touch anything else for fear of the roof collapsing on him.


Replacing a roof or a room and beams your repair bill is thousands of dollars of out of pocket money. Money, you were not intending to spend on repairs and if you don’t do anything your property is only worth the land it sits on the termites will eat it all.

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Horror Termite

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