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The Ultimate Guide to Treatment and Termite Control in Canberra

Hey there, homeowners, are you looking for a simple guide to treatment and prevention of termites in Canberra. 🐜 Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of termite treatment? Let us entertain, and educate  you on what these termites get up to when they are on the hunt for their favourite food – wood!

Let us look through the realm of termite control, termite sprays, and everything in between, all while ensuring your home stays termite-free and happy. So, grab your coffee and let’s get this pest party started!

Termite Treatment: Unveiling the Magic Potion

Let’s talk about the star of our show: termite treatment. Picture this – termites plotting their grand entrance into your home, but wait! Here comes termite control to save the day! With the right treatments, you’ll be locking the doors and throwing away the key on those uninvited termite guests. It’s like a superhero showdown right in your backyard!

BASF Termidor is really the knight in shining armor here, with its 8 year $2M warranty it’s hard to go past this warranty when doing a Termidor barrier.

Using a termitcide on its own will definitely kill those termite warriors in their tracks. But if they know your address there may be other colonies nearby who smell that other termites have been around. 

Termite Control


1) An annual termite inspection gets the gold star for being on the lookout for any termites, whether in your home, the garden, in the trees and the fences around your property.
With a regular inspection you catch the termites before they can do damage.

2) If found, termite treatment is then applied to the termites to rub up against each other and take the treatment back to the nest to kill the Queen. The Queen has the ability to produce up to 30,000 live termites per day which keeps the soldier termites busy by seeking entry to your property seeking out their favourite food, which is timber.

The termite soldiers chew away at the timber, swallows it and then regurgitates when it feeds the nursery – gross as it seems, in a nutshell that is what happens.

As termites are a social pest it will rub up against each other (as they are blind – did I tell you that?) spreading the treatment from one to another.

3) DRUM ROLL please….termite protection of termite monitoring systems – there is a difference!

A1 Pest Control Canberra predominantly uses BASF Termidor as we believe is the most effective treatment, along with the fact that it puts its money where its mouth is with the warranty they give of 8 year $2M (conditions apply).

BUT in some cases depending on the layout of your property sometimes the accessibility of installing a termite chemical barrier will need to have both chemical and termite monitoring system installed as well.

Termite monitoring system or termite bait stations are where the baits are put into a cylinder and when they chew on this bait (and take it back to the nest) it tells us that termites are in the area. NEED to be checked regularly to be effective.

The Quest for Termite Control: Your Shield of Defence

Imagine termite control as your trusty shield against the relentless termite invasion. Termite treatments are like the knights in shining armor of your house, protecting it from the ravenous mouths of those white ant villains. 🛡️🏰 From termite sprays to termite pest control methods, these warriors are ready to battle on behalf of your home sweet home!

Termite Sprays: The Secret Elixir 

Ah, termite sprays – the magical potions that send termites running! Just a spritz here and a spray there, and suddenly your home is a termite-free sanctuary. These sprays are like disco lights at a termite party – termites can’t resist the urge to boogie away from the treated areas. 💃🎶

The Dance of Protection: Shielding Your Castle 

Remember that prevention is the name of the game. With the right termite protection, your house can stand strong against the termite tango. By using termite treatments that are recommended, you’ll ensure those termites never dare set foot on your property again!

Termite in House: The Unwanted Guest 

Uh-oh, did you spot a termite in your house? Fear not! It’s your cue to take action and show those pests who’s boss. With termite control methods in your repertoire, you’ll be ready to outsmart and outmaneuver those sneaky invaders before they even have a chance to unpack their bags and do damage.

White Ants Treatment: Taking No Prisoners 

Ah, the white ants – is just another name for those termites. But don’t worry, with termite treatments up your sleeve, you’ll be taking no prisoners in this battle for your home’s safety.

Join the Termite Tango: Your Call to Action! 

Ready to have a termite-free future? It’s time to outsmart termites! Reach out to the experts at A1 Pest Control Canberra. 📞 Give them a call at 0407 065 413, and let them lead you through the steps of termite control. Together, we’ll ensure termites never ruin your home again!

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