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What are the Different Methods of Termite Control?

Termites can do more damage than natural disasters like flood or fire causing tremendous amount of financial hardship for the owner. In fact, 1 in 3 homes have termites now and they do not know that they are there if they are not having regular termite inspections. A1 Pest Control Canberra can determine what type of termite treatments that are most suitable for your property.

For peace of mind, contact our team of accredited termite control experts today and schedule a thorough termite inspection. 

The Different Methods of Termite Control

Termite Inspections

CSIRO in Canberra advise at a bare minimum to conduct a termite inspection at least annually, when doing the inspection the technician will identify the type of termite species and write up his inspection report where he will then will discuss with you the best plan of action to take. 

ALSO found in the detailed termite inspection report which may include the following:
  • Termite found or not found
  • Any termite damage detected during the inspection
  • Areas conducive conditions for termites
  • All areas that had limited access or were restricted for the inspection
  • Any risk factors that can cause or start a termite infestation
Recommended termite treatment will be discussed with the customer, so you have a better idea why a certain treatment was chosen over the other.

Chemical Termite Barrier Treatment

A chemical termite barrier involves the application of a liquid chemical, a termiticide, the one we favour is called Termidor we are approved applicators of this product as it comes with an 8 year $2M warranty against further termite attack on timber in your home/business this preparation will be injected into the soil at 20 centimetre intervals around the concrete sub floor, piers and or around the perimeter of the house to create a solid barrier.

AT FIRST the technician will kill all active termites, this is where the termites are sprayed and they take this treatment back to the nest to kill the colony. 

Then the chemical installation described above is applied.

Contact our A1 Pest Control technicians to know which termite control chemical barrier is right for you. 

Best suited for homeowners and businesses that want to take preventive measures against termite attack with the peace of mind that they have an 8 year $2M warranty against ANY further termite infestation once the barrier is installed.

 Chemical treatment can be implemented at any stage of the building’s life.
Termite Monitoring and Baiting Stations
methods of termite control
In-ground monitoring and baiting

The in-ground monitoring and baiting is one of the best methods of termite control.

In this method, in-ground termite stations are placed strategically around the property at approx 3-metre intervals. The technician will install the stations and then place bait into the stations that is laced with termiticide.

I need to stress that bait stations are monitoring stations they DO NOT stop termites from gaining entry to your property, they only monitor termite activity and if the bait is taken it means that the termites are close by.

At times depending on accessibility of the property a termite barrier may be a mix of chemical and termite monitoring stations.

Other devices have active baits and are regularly inspected regardless of whether there is termite activity. BUT please note the biggest out lay to the customer is the ongoing checking of the bait stations OR worst still owners that forget to have the stations checked!

Worker termites that look for food take “bait” which has termiticide back to their nests and feed it to the colony and thus, killing the colony.

  • Best suited for homeowners and businesses that want to take on the responsibility of regularly checking the bait station against termites
  • Can be implemented any time
  • Designed for both monitoring and baiting

Above-ground monitoring and baiting

Another methods of termite control is the above-ground termite monitoring. It involves installing unobtrusive bait stations on feeding sites and removing them once the colony has been controlled.

  • Best suited  for homeowners and businesses if termite activities are already active in the property
  • Can be implemented any time
  • Designed for baiting only

Physical Termite Barrier

A termite barrier, one of the methods of termite control, must be installed in all new residential and commercial building structures. This is for all States and territories of Australia as part of the building regulations and requirements. Physical barriers are used to prevent termites from accessing concealed areas and force them into open areas for easy detection. 

The protective material can be laid before the slab is poured or as a partial barrier around the perimeter of the structure and also around pipe penetrations.

  • Best suited for new homes
  • Can be implemented only before the construction
  • Highly recommended and effective against Subterranean termites

Termite Reticulation System

methods of termite control

In this method, a number of underground pipes are used to evenly apply termiticides across building foundations and around their perimeter. The termite reticulation system, one of the best methods of termite control, allows continuous reapplication of the chemical barrier and makes chemical top-ups easier every 3-5 years.

  • Best suited for new homes and properties with high risk of termite infestations
  • Can be implemented only before the construction
  • Perimeter systems can be installed once the property is completed, prior to landscaping and paving

How to know if my property is at a high, medium or low risk for termites?

Termites are known to be destructive pests. They can cause huge damages to buildings and homes. It’s very important to have regular and intensive termite inspections to your home and business to find early signs of termite activity. 

These pests are hard to find and it’s best to contact the pest control experts to conduct termite inspection and to design the best course of action.  

Here are the conditions that can influence the risk grade of your property: 

Geographical location of property

Termite activity is higher in northern areas of Australia (North of the Capricorn), where the climate is warmer, and termites such as Mastotermes darwiniensis are more aggressive. Other aggressive subterranean termites such as Coptotermes spp. and Schedorhinotermes are very active in coastal regions of Australia. The growth of termites is particularly conducive to certain regions. Termite colonies spread rapidly, so keep an eye out for possible infestations.

Component structure

Timber formwork that was used during construction and was left in the building and isn’t treated or prepared,  may draw in termite activity particularly in the event that it is in contact with soil. Any defects in construction can give immediate access to termites. These may include small openings, cracks in slabs, or joint gaps. Termites can get to slab edges or wall sheets and use them as entry points to your property.

methods of termite control

Soil type

Termites are attracted to moist soil and will probably swarm soil types that hold dampness. Poor drainage, leakages, and areas with waterlogging are common factors that can add to holding soil moisture.


Bushes, trees, shrubs, vegetation, and dead wood are exceptionally alluring for termites. This reaches out to cladding and wooden walls. Moist areas are conducive for termites as well. Stay up to date with any water leakages, or moisture in the structure, including water maintenance.

Existing termite systems

Any chemical or physical termite management systems that are already set up, will unquestionably have an impact on limiting the risk of termite access and infestation in the area. These may have been installed or placed prior to construction or applied at different life stages of the property. The age of the termite management system and its maintenance will influence risk levels.

To give you peace of mind, and to make sure termites stay away from damaging your home, contact our registered pest technicians so we can do a termite inspection on your property. Call us on 0407 065 413.

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