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Termite Inspection Canberra Homes at Risk

Termite Inspection CanberraA termite inspection in Canberra is something most homeowners endeavour to do on a very regular basis. Some will arrange annual inspections, those at high risk may have twice yearly inspections, and a few homeowners will forget, or opt not to arrange a one at all. If you’re considering arranging a timber pest inspection, why not learn a little more about the process before you book in and I will explain the process.

Termite inspection Canberra certificate is required from ACTPLA when building a new home.  This has now been mandatory for some time now and building inspectors will not sign off a completion certificate unless this step is complete.

Why you need to have a termite inspection

Termites particularly subterranean termites are prevalent in most areas of suburban Canberra. The amount of damage they can do to a home in a matter of months is quite astounding considering their size.

Regular inspections are vital for homeowners who don’t want to risk being faced with a big timber damage repair bill. An expert evaluation of Canberra homes can help by detecting the presence of termites as early as possible.

When you’re buying a home, a pre-purchase inspection is a very wise idea – it could save you purchasing a home that has thousands of dollars worth of damage that wasn’t visible at an open home!

So what’s involved in Termite Inspection Canberra?

Locating termites in a home isn’t easy, so a termite expert should always carry out inspections. Termites are discreet in their eating and travelling habits they travel out of view in mud tunnels and eat out of view inside the wood, leaving the exterior intact. A qualified timber pest inspector needs to thoroughly examine a home including the roof void, sub floor, the exterior of the dwelling, and the grounds.

Termite Inspection CanberraA report should contain information about active termites and any visible termite damage at the time, identify the species of termite, and provide information on termite protection and prevention. If some areas were inaccessible, the report should specify the areas that were not inspected or obstructed.

Termite Inspection Canberra costs so little to protect your assett:

The cost of a visual termite inspection is usually around $200-$350.

Another very important reason to arrange something a regular basis is that termite damage is not covered by your home insurance policy.

If you need to arrange a termite inspection, Canberra expert opinion, or a pest report, call a qualified timber pest expert.

Call Bob on 0407 065 413 if you have a problem with termites, or a home that needs to be inspected or just email me Bob@A1pestcontrolcanberra.com.au

Pest Inspection canberra

Our service areas includes all Canberra suburbs, Queanbeyan, Braidwood, Bungendore, Goulburn and Yass.

Ensure that you put termite inspection Canberra on your to do list annually.

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