Termite Winter Pest Control in Canberra

Termite Winter Pest Control in Canberra

Great many people sigh a sigh of relief once summer is over and feel pest control can be put on the back burner but I can tell you pest control is big news and it is not only in summer but all throughout the year also.

Now that the wood is stored stacked up and ready to burn on the cold winters that Canberra has it’s a great time to start looking around your yard to look for tell tale signs that pests have been around. But a hint is that if you are seeing evidence it already spells bad news as that means that termites are active.

It never ceases to amaze Bob that termites when they do a chase out and now the termites are homeless they may go next door or look for a house across the street or 2 doors away to find a new home to unsuspecting property owners.

That huge tree you cut down from your yard that you thought was dying and let a stump remaining ding ding…that is the place that termites want to hand their hat. As the stump will now be open to water and it will start to decay the wood, guess what that is perfect food for termites to next.

Looking around at those ageing garden borders that are holding the garden together half covered over with soil and slowly rotting another perfect place for the termites.

Getting back to the woodpile that has been left outside or stacked up against the house to dry out ready and ready to burn. Take a closer look like the garden borders and trees we talked about here is the wood pile damp from the weather and been resting against the house you have now given any would be termites the red carpet treatment and said “please enter.” Only being funny but this can all happen within months of stacking wood.

Looking for mud tracks though from under or outside the house or leaky pipes that have been undetected now could show tracks leading inside the home.

The damage that termites can do can turn your biggest investment into your biggest nightmare in repair bills.
Its not uncommon to have termites do between $50k-$100K of damage all of this is not covered by your insurance. You can not afford NOT to have an annual termite inspection preferably have a thermal imaging inspection that can see more than the human eye, it can detect movement, heat and moisture.

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