Funny story we detected live termites in a property and the landlord got another quote and was told there are “NO” live termites there!

One of the team members went back out to show the customer where the termites were and the customer declined the offer of getting a pair of overalls on so we offered to make a video.

Still she was unconvinced that we would not be using an old video so the technician got a piece of paper with a red circle on it and then took a the VIDEO.

Low and behold the pictures are what we captured along with opening up the mud track and live termites climbed onto the paper.

With live termites now shown the response of the customer was “we will think about it!” No disrespect there is NO time to THINK about it as they are inside the home there will be NO home left to think about!

LIFE LESSON people cut back on the wrong things and just imagine had we not gone back to the property to make the customer aware! What about a pest company that tapped around threw his hands up and said NO LIVE termites!

If you want a more thorough termite inspection contact OUR team we are termite experts and if we are not sure we will use thermal imaging T3i the latest technology. Don’t leave your property to chance.

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