Not to alarm people but purely to make them aware that Termites are on the increase and even the CSIRO recommends that houses be inspected for termites at a minimum annually!

When we inspect properties, and find termite activity you can see the stress on the property owners face when you point out the damage the termites have already done to the house, fences and landscaping timbers.

“The change in weather patterns over time in the ACT has contributed to a rise in termite activity every year since we started working here 2012” says Bob Waters manager of A1 Pest Control Canberra.

Recently we were alerted by a tenant who thought they just had a swarm of bugs flying in their house. It ended up being a huge flight of termites that had burst through an internal wall and had damaged the structure. (see attached picture)

So how do you get on top of a potential termite problem?

“Termites are very hard to see and can be difficult to find, but in as little as three months they can severely damage almost all the timber in your property,” says Bob.

“You need ongoing annual checks to keep on top of matters.”

Typical signs of termite infestation:

  • Mud leads, which are tunnels made of mud. They usually appear on the outside of a house, subfloor, or roof void, including on brickwork or concrete. Termites travel through these tunnels.
  • Timber with gaps and holes that crumbles when touched.
  • Damaged wood, especially when the wood makes a dull thud when you strike it with something hard, such as a hammer or your vacuum cleaner.
  • Swarms of what look like ants flying in and around your house.

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