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Need Pest Control Service?
Need Pest Control Service?

Are You & Your Family Having Trouble With Termites At Home?

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Let Our Experts in Queanbeyan Pest Control Serves You Right. 

Are you and your family having trouble with termites at home?

A termite colony can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare – eating wooden structures at a frightening pace.n Queanbeyan, termites are active throughout the year, but more so in the warmer months. A mature colony of underground termites can number 60,000+ and cause severe damage within months.

That is why the actual numbers for the Queanbeyan region may be higher due to the highly destructive local termite species. The construction of buildings allows undetermined termite entry into walls and roofing materials.

Queanbeyan Pest Control provides a range of effective termite control and termite inspection services in your area. 

How severe is termite damage?

A tiny pest with a big appetite!

The trouble with Termite is considered one of the most threatening and destructive pests globally. Termites are insects, mostly eating dead plant matter such as woodchips, rotting woods (logs), leaf wastes, and soils. 

Queanbeyan has around 30 species of termites. It is known to cause severe damage to your homes and sometimes lose money in renovations that are not covered in standard insurance plans. Finding damage at your home is an unsettling experience, but a trusted pest control professional can help.

Learn more about termites

How much damage can a termite do at home?

Considering their love of eating cellulose (found in wood), termites can do severe damage to a house, building, or any property. An uncontrolled termite colony can eat and tunnel into wooden foundations, house frames, roof trusses, floorboards, and walls over the years. That’s why it’s essential to arrange an annual termite inspection in Queanbeyan. 

What are the signs of having trouble with termites at home?

Termites are tricky creatures that harm from within the properties. They want to eat and tunnel the way to the wood without being disturbed. Termite control in Queanbeyan is possible through constant surveillance and annual inspections. Some signs that may indicate a potential termite invasion are outlined below.

  • A pile of discarded wings 
  • Mud pipes
  • Tiny holes or dimple patterns on woodwork 
  • The sound of hollow timber 
  • A sound of cracking or crackling in the walls
  • Smooth hardwood floors and hard-to-open wood windows or doors
  • Soft, flaky, or crumbling timber 
  • Extremely cracked paint

Where are termites found?

As moisture lovers, termites are commonly found in damp, warm environments, such as basements, sub-floors, walls, timber frames and roof trusses. Termites are especially attracted to rotting timber, dead leaves, water leaks and piled firewood or lumber. In Queanbeyan, many termite colonies place their central nest in the root crown of a nearby eucalyptus tree. If you see or suspect having trouble with termites in your home, arranging a professional termite inspection right away is vital.

What will you do if you suspect or discover that you are having trouble with termites at home?

If you notice or suspect that your area is having trouble with termites, it is essential not to disturb them or use termiticide without proper knowledge. Instead, hire an authorized pest control experts services and schedule a termite inspection. As a well-known termite expert, Our Pest Control Technicians in Queanbeyan typically use a termiticide (in bait or liquid bait) to kill termites. Our services are qualified to conduct professional termite inspections in your place – we comply and follow the Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Termite Control.

How are termites eliminate in your area?

No more worrisome and headaches! Call Queanbeyan Pest Control, and we will do a thorough inspection of your property as easy as A-B-C.

How often is a termite inspection required in Queanbeyan?

Having trouble with termites in your home is not a problem with our Pest Control Experts because we, Queanbeyan Pest Control Services, double-checked each side of the area and ensured it was in good condition. And following the acquisition of our services, the company inspects your homes and buildings annually. It is one of the best benefits of their services and is part of a prevention plan to reduce the growth of pest populations. Also, it monitors your area regularly.

At Queanbeyan Pest Control Services, we ensure our customers that our services have well-trained technicians and well-experienced experts who actually can identify home pest difficulties and can recommend an appropriate treatment progression. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact our team on 0488 404 885 for termite treatments or general pest control.


Need help identifying termites?

Call A1 Pest Control Canberra today for a consultation and to schedule an inspection of your property.

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