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Local Business Awards Finalist 2023
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Tis The Season for European Wasp and Bed Bugs

It’s that time of year again European Wasp Pest Control will be needed, keep an eye out.

The sun is shining and the weather is warming, and if you haven’t seen them already, it won’t be long before you’re swatting flies, running from wasps, screaming at cockroaches and spiders, and hearing the familiar scratching of possums (or mice) in the roof.

“At this time of year you’ll want to be on the lookout for mice, cockroaches and European wasps,” says Jenny Jordan director at A1 Pest Control Canberra. “European wasps are a growing concern in Canberra.

They build their nests underground or in trees, at the entrances to houses and even inside walls. And when they sting you, they don’t die. They go back and tell the nest they’re under attack and then come after you and unlike the bee one sting and they die the European Wasp will sting up to 9 times!

They’ve evolved, so traditional methods of hitting them with boiling water or a can of bug spray doesn’t really help. Off-the-shelf just isn’t strong enough. Stay right away and call a licensed pest control specialist.”

Another pest to be wary of this season is bed bugs. Jenny warns that when you head out on holidays or stay in a hotel, bed bugs can ride on your luggage all the way home and then infest your house.

“Once they’re inside your house,” she says, “they’re really hard to get rid of. They hide in the cracks of walls, in the ceiling, on curtains and in your mattress.

They anaesthetize the area where they will bite, so you don’t feel them biting you. The only way you might know they are there is the tell-tale spots of blood on the sheets or raised bites on your body. Eradicating them requires more than treating one room – they just move to another room. You have to treat the whole house.”

Bed bugs and European wasp are just two types of creepy crawlies that the team have been treating for years.

Many of our VIP clients include a long list of happy (pest free) home owners, new home buyers, renters, property investors, builders, real estate agents, schools and government agencies.

A1 Pest Control Canberra pride themselves on using both family, pet and environmentally friendly chemicals, and have been using thermal imaging technology to help with their initial pest investigations.

“Thermal imaging is amazing,” says Jenny. “It basically allows the technician to see through the whole house with the click of a button. Traditionally you would walk through the house and look for signs of infestation, tap walls and rely on your senses and experience. Now we have science to confirm everything.

Thermal imaging allows us to detect the body heat, movement and moisture of pests like termites anywhere in the house. And while we’re at it we often pick up issues with plumbing or maintenance and alert the owner. It’s very efficient.”

The team now use thermal imaging in places where termites have been previously or where people want a more thorough inspection done to have peace of mind.

Our company is one of the largest suppliers of BASF Termidor chemical barriers we put these barrier in due to the safety net of the $2M 8 year warranty against termites returning.

If you’re interested to have someone look behind the walls and in the ceiling of your home, or you need termite inspections, termite barriers, or European wasps, mice, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs or any other creepy crawly taken care of you can contact our team on 0407 065 413 or visit A1 Pest Control Canberra.



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7 Hot Tips for Summer Pests, European Wasp in Canberra

  • Cover up: Wear shoes and gloves while gardening. Funnel web, red back and white tail spiders love tunneling in dirt. 
  • Seal food: Cockroaches vomit and excrete into unsealed food in pantries, which once eaten can make you very sick. 
  • Keep it clean: Rats, mice and cockroaches love open food. Try not to leave dishes out overnight or food crumbs on the floor. They’ll smell it and find any way to get in. 
  • Cut grass: Fleas love long grass. Keep grass short to avoid infestations in the house. 
  • Prune trees: Possums and rats climb from tree branches onto roofs. Keep trees cut back. 
  • Rake fruit: Fallen fruit from fruit trees is enticing for pests. Rake it up regularly. 
  • Get regular inspections: Did you know most home insurance policies don’t cover termite damage? 

Avoid tens of thousands in possible damages by making sure these pests aren’t silently ruining your home.




Need help identifying termites?

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