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Local Business Awards Finalist 2023
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Talking to you from Western ACT, I just want to talk to you generally about the upkeep of maintenance on the property, uh properties in general between a medium price of between 800,000 to 1.5 million which makes it quite a sizable investment so with Investments.

The way to maintain that and continue to grow is to ensure that it’s maintained correctly If you don’t there are all sorts of things that can happen.

Unfortunately this property here in Western Act is that it’s got termites to 50 percent of the property, so the leads are leading up from the ground into the property and what we do we do a a first day inspection that we did the other day and then we go around and put up our recommendations for this property. 

This property could not wait another moment before they had to do something which was putting in a termite chemical barrier such as Termidor HE is what we use and what we’re accredited to use. I was just saying in a previous video that is very laborious in putting a termite barrier like this in because not only do they have to crawl on the hands and these they’re actually making a little tiny trench and then be able to inject that every 30 centimeters so it takes a lot of time but after that and they will be having a BASF warranty for eight year 2 million dollar warranty.

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That’s just to say that the termites work will not be covered moving forward so that’s something that you need to to know because there is lots of products out there but a none and I swear none as good as Tramadol which will protect the prop property as I said for eight years. Okay I say that and then they’ll say to me “oh really! ” but a condition and I talk about conditions on warranties. The warranty condition is that annually on the anniversary of the barrier going in is that ¹ you have a termite inspection and that is to see that one that you are complying with the warranty condition ² to be able to point out anything that we find that attracts termites.

So let me just explain what happens is that people will go about and for instance put a wooden flower bed right next door to a budding against the wall, this actually attracts the termites so you know it’s really and or they put in okay and those A1 Pest Control Canberra have gone let me stack that wood underneath the there and what that does is it bridges over the barrier they put the wood in.

The wood attracts the termites, the termites jump in over the barrier into the house so that is why annual termite inspections are really important because we’re able to pick up things early that or you’ve had some Renovations. Renovations is another one that can compromise the barrier and once we see that we’re able to have a look at the barrier and check it and see if it’s okay or we’ll fix the barrier up but if you didn’t have a Seer and the barrier was compromised and you wouldn’t know and then the termites come in and then you’re pulling your hair out of I pay this good money for the termite barrier and the termites got in and that’s one of the reasons so you know it’s Western ACT.

It’s a beautiful older area that in the in the South here for but the trees are beautiful but they house termites and this is where and because with the bush Capital we’re getting more and more of these older places that mature to the trees are matured and there’s the termites you know so do yourself a favor put it in your calendar. I must have a termite inspection inspection annually it’s a small price to pay for the investment that you’ve made so keep that investment viable and to ensure that it the termites don’t take over your property have a termite inspection on an annual basis.

It’s Jenny from A1 Pest Control Canberra and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye now!

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