If you see ants with wings they are called termite swarmers or alates and really they are an unwelcome visitor to any property owner. When you see these insects it is a sign that the colony is in close vicinity to the property or worse still the property could already be infected with termites.

What are termite swarmers? Termite swarmers are winged termites whose main role in life is reproducing and creating new termite colonies. They look for a suitable mate to be the future termite kings and queens will swarm and find suitable locations for their own colonies.

Emerging from tubes built by worker termites, termite swarmers range in color from yellow to black depending on the species. Like many other flying insects, termites are attracted to light and are often seen swarming around exterior lighting or window sills.

If you have seen what you believe to be termite swarmers at your property or elsewhere in your garden, it is highly recommend that you contact an expert pest control like A1 Pest Control Canberra as soon as possible.

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