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What's the Best Pest Control in Canberra?

When you are dealing with pests you want the best pest control company to be on the other end of the phone when you call..right?

Being in business for 25 plus years treating pests in both residential and commercial properties has our customers rating us as the best in the business.

There are numerous reasons why you should to call us, it could be you are looking for someone that will talk you through and educate you on the pest problem you currently have and to give you advice on how to get the best results from a treatment.

You may need to get us in as you are buying a new home and want the peace of mind to know that house is not housing termites or any other undesirable pests.  This is the biggest money saver as if pest inspection is not done you may be left to fork out money on expensive repair bills.

There are other reasons to call us perhaps you suspect that you may have an infestation of mice, rats, possums, cockroaches or bedbugs.

This sometimes happens if you have a rental property or have been living away from your home for sometime when you notice droppings or scratching and realise that you are home may have had unwanted visitors move in.

If either one of these are the case, you of course are going to want to the most experienced, reliable and educated in his field of work.

A fully qualified manager is a person that will take pride in his work and will follow up on it.

He or she is a person that will try to educate the home owner as to how to prevent further outbreaks and keep their home or property pest free.

A manager should give you a written quote prior to any work and some sort of guarantee for after he leaves.

The best managers will have their reputations precede them, so listen to word of mouth.

The best pest control managers should be fully versed in both household pests, such as: cockroaches, spiders, mice and bed bugs and know to treat garden pests which would include: subterranean termites, rat’s, possums, bees and wasps.

In addition, the subterranean termite if the home has been infested will also qualify as a household pest.

The best pest control managers will make suggestions about certain sanitary conditions; leave food in sealed containers, filling in cracks and crevices, fixing leaky pipes and repairing window screens and doors.

These are but a few of the tips that the best manager should provide for you.

The first thing however, even prior to receiving these useful tips, is that you will want to speak and meet with the expert to discuss his methods, tools used and most what type of chemicals that he will be utilizing.

Home Pest Control
The very best managers will have already spoken to you in depth concerning your pest problem and how best he is going to tackle it and he should at this time give you a quote and some sort of follow-up guarantee.

Some of the pests that the manager will have to tackle, and I guess I should start with the one that causes the most damage and that would be the subterranean termite.

This is a treatment that a homeowner can tackle; it requires specific equipment such as, thermal cameras and moisture meters and most importantly being properly licensed, insured and educated on the types of chemicals that will be needed.

The next pest that a good pest control expert should easily get a handle on would be bed bugs.

These disgusting creatures that feed upon you at night and carry potential disease are something you definitely want a properly trained manager to handle.

Especially to fully and effectively rid your home of bed bugs you will need a full structural fumigation.

Another filthy insect that at times decides to call your home his home is the cockroach.

These 400 million year old insects are best eradicated with the help of neighbors if you are in an apartment building by using gel baits in all cracks and crevices to keep these creatures that feed on raw sewage and rotting animals from your home.

It is time and energy well spent to find the absolute pest controller to deal with these annoying and potentially dangerous bugs.

Here are several points are good reasons to want best pest management:

  1.     We know our products and are experts in pest management
  2.     Dealing with the owner of the business you will see our customer service at its best
  3.     As we use only quality products that are safe to low non-toxic makes it ideal to use around pets and children
  4.     If you require a Termite Inspection rest assured all jobs are attended by fully insured, accredited technicians.
  5.     When called to your property for a thermal imaging inspection you can be assured we use the latest camera and tracking
    technology tools to detect pests early.


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