White Ant Control

 White Ant Control

White Ant ControlIf you are concerned about white ant control or perhaps. you have a problem with white ants in your area or on your property the time to act is now.  White ants more correctly called termites are a common pest in suburban Australia. The risk of infestation is quite high in many areas so it’s important to have a white ant control strategy plan in place.

For those who don’t undertake some type of white ant control can end up paying a high price for ignoring the problem.  As although white ants may be tiny but they have voracious appetites and can leave a large repair bill for the homeowner. White ant control and prevention is essential if you want to protect your home and property.

Where to Start with Your – White Ant Control

White ant control really start from the time that you purchase a new home. If you’ve built a new home, some sort of white ant control will most likely be in place but it’s up to you to take responsibility for future white ants control.

Say if you’re purchasing an existing home, consider making it conditional on a satisfactory termite inspection report  if you don’t and termites are present, white ant control and treatment along with repairs to your new home may cost much more than your overall budget!

Once you’re in your new home, your white ant control strategy should involve a professional inspection once or twice per year. At just $200 to $350 for the average suburban home, it’s great value for money. You can also participate in your own strategy by learning about white ants and the tell-tale signs of their presence around your home and in the garden.

White Ant CanberraNot only can white ants be highly destructive, but the type of white ant most likely to attack your Australian home the subterranean termite who works undercover and are hard to spot, making your white ant control strategy very important.

If you’re in an area where termites are prevalent, you may prefer to take your white ant control a step further than regular inspections and have a termite barrier placed around your home. Chemical barriers are frequently used as a means of white ant control.

Chemical Barriers

Pest control methods have come a long way in recent years. Increased understanding of termite behaviour has brought about the development of new white ant control methods that utilize the termites’ grooming and feeding habits against them.

One of these modern methods is a chemical barrier that cannot be detected by termites, allowing the poison to be transported into the termite colony and passed on to others. Many pest controllers believe this is a very effective form of white ant control.

More Advice that will Assist in White Ant Control

Only use timbers and wood chips that have been treated to deter termites ensure you don’t stack wood against your home or in areas that are close by, removing old tree stumps, and not having shrubbery up against the home can aid white ant control by making the area less attractive to termites.

After reading this information and you still are concerned about white-ants or you have been alerted to the fact that you may have white ant activity for peace of mind you should organise for a pest inspection, or contact your local timber pest expert for advice.

There are 5 excellent reasons why you should deal with our firm:
  1. We will give you straight talk that is knowledgeable about your situation or pest management problem.
  2. As we are a family owned business you will not be dealing with a pushy sales personstalking you into a treatment you don’t need.
  3. Rest assured we only use the safest low or non-toxic treatments that are pet and child friendly
  4. Your Termite Inspection will be only be carried out with insured, accredited technicians. We carry the latest tracking tools, ensuring that you get the very best and most accurate inspection each and every time.
  5. Your service is guaranteed with our company, with a rock solid, money-back policy if we don’t deliver or keep our promises. That’s what has built our business over the years, and why we keep getting repeat business from our happy clients.

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