Why You Should Include Bird Proofing as Part of Building Maintenance in Canberra

The reason why you should include bird proofing in your building maintenance is because just like all properties and vehicles they need regular maintenance and to have bird nest prevention installed is a way to help keep the building maintenance to a minimum and keep the property looking its best.

Maintenance is required on buildings to keep them from deteriorating, presentable and while at the same time to keep the occupants safe. First appearances are everything and especially true when it is a business place where customers are entering or exiting the building.

The size of the structure does not matter if the structure is one storey or a multi storey, the maintenance tasks are the same to ensure that everything is maintained and working properly.


Bird proofing that is properly installed will prevent nesting materials and the bird’s droppings from damaging the structure such as the air conditioning and water units and will ensure that they continue working properly without the added cost of repairing and replacing them due to the hazardous and damaging bird materials.

Outdoor bird proofing especially where the public may walk, or take their morning and afternoon breaks and especially where customers eat is why you need bird deterrents to keep the birds from leaving their droppings all over the tables posing a health risk and leaving a mess on chairs that may be used by employees and customers.

Bird droppings contaminate where they land, including drinking fountains, drains and grass areas. Fresh droppings are also very slippery and can be a liability issue should someone slip and fall, the droppings also harbor diseases which may be transmitted and be a threat to humans.


Light posts, security cameras and other posts and walls should be protected with a bird proofing and used as a deterrent so that the building and business do not become laden with droppings and make for an unwelcome environment.

The nesting materials and droppings can also obscure and render the safety cameras inoperable. The costs of repair and lack of proper security can lead to high expenses due to lack of bird control. It is much easier and less costly to protect what is already there than to replace equipment.

Roofs, signage and exterior facades can also be impaired by the bird’s droppings and nesting materials. Roofs, in particularly, can be exorbitantly expensive to repair or replace with the acid in bird droppings damage painted signs and plastic, ruin paint, artwork, statues and other architectural values on the structure.

This should give you even more reason to invest in bird proofing and deterrents before damage emerges.


Bird deterrent choices are varied when it comes physical bird deterrents. Bird proofing solar panels for instance is a physical bird deterrent that is installed to get in the way of the bird landing in the area using deterrents such as bird spikes or netting are a also to stop the birds from sitting along the ledges, parapet walls and roof lines of a building.

We have found wherever the spikes are installed, the birds will not be able to land. Bird spikes come in stainless steel and plastic. The plastic bird spikes come in different colors to match the structure they are secured on this helps blend in and appear invisible.


Sound deterrents frighten birds away sonic devices are used to broadcast actual predator calls and distress calls. The birds hear the familiar distress calls and will fly away from the area. There are over 22 different species programmed into the unit. We suggest never waste your money on ultrasonic sound devices as they do not work. Birds hear at the same level as humans, so if you hear the sound, they do.

If you are unsure which product is best suited for your needs, please consult with a bird pest control specialist on 0407 065 413

We will consult with you and let you know why you should include bird proofing in your building maintenance in Canberra.


Bird proofing commercial building Canberra

Bird proofing with bird spikes.



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