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Women Making Waves in Pest Management Industries

Firstly, I am writing this article about women making waves in male dominated jobs not because I am wanting to cause an uprise and burn my bra all for the sake of the feminist movement I am writing because women make the moves silently and without fuss in industries where they are making a difference. Why? Because there should never be gender specific jobs you should be able to apply yourself to any job not depending on whether you are male or female. For me I am a business woman who runs both brick and mortar businesses as well as online and have clients in varied business backgrounds. In 2011 I started a business A1 Pest Control Canberra where I placed my partner at the front of the business while I did the marketing, spoke to clients and looked for new and novel ways to leverage the business. WHAT IS MISSING BUT SLOWLY CHANGING Women predominately need support as we are natural communicators and nurturers but when I started out there was no groups in my industry at all so it was a little lonely but at the time I was building my business and had no time to look around and think I am a woman in a man’s industry the thought never passed my mind. LONELY NO MORE AS OTHERS WOMEN JOIN THE PEST CONTROL INDUSTRY… I approached a woman who was going to be a speaker at the Rapid pest control conference her name was  Nicole Turner who has started women in pest management group and she herself has a business. I loved what this woman was about and we chatted for ages about our business and the challenges we faced and from this conversation I was nominated by someone in my team for the PWAPM Excellence Award and last night I found that I was a finalist for this first-time women in pest management award to be announced at the conference 10 August 2019. Looking forward to this event to then go on to encourage more women into the pest control industry…wish me luck!
Image of Jenny PWAPM award
Women Making Waves in Male Dominated Jobs – Jenny Jordan

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